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You’ve heard it before–we all have… “eyes are the window to the soul”. Lots of girls love drawing focus to their eyes–and when makeup is done properly it draws attention to YOUR EYES and not your EYE MAKEUP!

It’s the difference between “Your eye makeup is so pretty” and “YOU look so pretty!”

So here is a quick trick that gives you extra oomph and definition… take a WATERPROOF eyeliner pencil like BARDOT or LIDO and line the UPPER MEMBRANE of the eye. This makes your lashes look denser/fuller, and makes the whites of your eye look whiter. Don’t believe me? Stand back from your computer screen and take a look for yourself—it doesn’t look like a harsh line—it just gives the eye a little more presence!

The pencils go on creamy at first, and take about 60 seconds to set. When you blink–some of the color may transfer or “click” down onto the lower membrane– if you DON’T like that look, use some gentle eye makeup remover and a q-tip to take it out!

What adds EVEN MORE definition, though, is putting some color on the LOWER MEMBRANE! You can try BARDOT, LIDO, SIREN, or LORELEI! Lorelei gives a barely-there look that just covers the natural pink-y color of the membrane which makes you look fresh–the other colors lend a little more contrast and POP! Refer to picture at left.

If you’re afraid of looking like you forgot you weren’t in middle school anymore and this look just feels too severe, try smudging a little SIREN or LORELEI or BLUEBONNET in your LOWER LASH-BED (indicated in picture at left) then use the smudge tip on the other side of the pencil to blur together. This softens everything but still keeps contrast!

Enjoy your gorgeously defined eyes!!!