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We see it all the time- makeup can become intimidating. Even to smart, beautiful women like YOU. Having a makeup lesson doesn’t mean you’re clueless–but it’s a way to figure out what kinds of products you like, and how to use them in the quickest most convenient way to get the look you want. There are so many products out there that it’s helpful to have someone SHOW you what you may be interested in…to eliminate some of that “trial and error” that can become SO expensive. You’ll have the opportunity to TRY ON several products before committing to buying anything.

The 2.5 hour lesson covers everything from skincare to that very last swipe of mascara or gloss. It begins with a consultation- Are you a young professional? A stay-at-home mom? retired? Do you like playing with new looks, or do you just wear make up because you “need” to in order to feel polished?

Understanding your lifestyle helps us pull together a look that actually WORKS for your daily life. Say goodbye to that drawer full of makeup that you never use because you liked the IDEA of it, but it just wasn’t practical; or you WANTED to like it–but just didn’t.

Kathleen Mach: former Facade bride and loyal client, photographed by Michael Carr Photography

Bring your tried & true favorites or products you might be confused about as well as your brushes. We’ll sort through and show you ways to use what you already have and supplement it with new products and tools for a flawless look. Those who want a totally fresh start don’t bring anything at all, and that’s okay too!

Lessons are interactive, and you’ll be able to TRY the techniques to make sure any questions you have are answered.

You’ll leave with a chart that gives you directions and has a diagram of how to apply each product. Every lesson includes a 30-minute follow-up. After practicing your look for a few weeks, come back in with your makeup already applied; You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss any challenges you’ve encountered. Even after the follow-up, feel free to call, e-mail, or stop in for further clarification! Lessons are $300 with the owner, Corinne and $150 with staff artists Dayna and Kate.

You know how you look at some women and can tell they apply their makeup the same way they did in 1983? Come in for updates every year or two, and have confidence that you will NEVER be that woman.

Seasonal updates are 1.5 hours and are a great way to keep current on the latest trends in makeup–and even if you’re not the “trendy” type, it’s a nice way to change up your routine: try some new colors, and discover brand new products! Updates are available any time of the year and are $90 with Corinne or $75 with Dayna or Kate.

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me…I may remember; But involve me, and I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb.