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The goal of using a foundation is to even out the skin tone- to conceal mild imperfections in the skin, and cover redness. The best foundation makes it look like you just rolled out of bed and your skin just HAPPENED to be that perfect.

You should wear the lightest coverage you can get away with. We like brands that have beneficial ingredients, offer a buildable coverage, and won’t clog pores. At FACADE we have four formulas that we use depending on your type of skin, and your own personal preferences. Find the formula best suited to you below!

PRIORI Coffeeberry Skin-perfecting Foundation $45

This mineral foundation is available in a variety of colors from very fair to quite dark. The company also makes a beautiful finishing powder, a “concealer” formula and a bronzer. It should be applied using a PRIORI powder brush in a small circular movement to buff it onto the skin. The smaller PRIORI concealer brush can also be used with the same color for more coverage in areas that require it such as under the eyes or over a blemish.

FACADE Natural Touch Foundation $50

This is a liquid mineral foundation that gives beautiful coverage but keeps skin looking REAL. It is WATERPROOF so it will last throughout the day–even in high humidity. Wet the sponge it comes with in the sink and then wring out the excess–it should be DAMP, not dripping. Absorb 2-3 pumps of foundation completely into the sponge. STIPPLE the foundation onto your skin using a dabbing motion (instead of a wiping motion). This product is even safe around the eyes, which means you can get away with using less concealer! Usually 4-6 pumps total will cover the entire face. You can layer a little more if extra coverage is desired. Can be used alone or with powder.

Ilona Realistic True-To-Skin Foundation $60

This foundation is water-resistant, has an SPF of 11, and has such a realistic coverage they’ve used it for filming High-Definition Television (HDTV). In fact, it was used on actors and actresses in the 2010 film Up In the Air starring George Clooney. This foundation is a thin liquid so it doesn’t make dry skin feel tight, and leaves it with a dewy finish. Use it alone or with powder if you would prefer a matte finish. To apply, absorb a nickel-sized amount into a sponge and STIPPLE onto your skin using a dabbing motion (instead of a wiping motion). Repeat until entire face is covered. Layer for additional coverage if necessary.


CLASSIFIED Cosmetics ERA Spray-on Foundation $55

Spray-on foundation keeps application quick and simple.  This waterproof formula comes with a small disposable headband and mini puff. Shake VIGOROUSLY before using the first time for 2-3 minutes. Each time after, shake about 2-3 SECONDS. Holding about 6-10 inches away from your face, mist in a zig zag motion. Using a large puff (or the small one it comes with) PRESS over the whole face. This bursts the color molecules making them adhere to the skin. After this is done, use a light buffing motion to blend and pick up any excess color. Apply another layer if necessary. Skin is left with a beautiful air-brush finish. Use alone or with powder. This brand also makes a spray-on foundation primer that helps even the texture of the skin. Jennifer Reyna, who does the traffic for Houston’s KPRC Local 2 gets her ERA in color R4 to keep her looking great on camera.

Finding the right COLOR is important!

Wearing the wrong color is one of the BIGGEST mistakes a woman can make. Once you know the formula you want, try on the color before leaving the store to make sure it’s the right one. Ask an artist for help! The right color, when tested on the jaw line should look like it almost disappears into the skin without doing a lot of work to blend.

FACT: Many women go back and forth between shades depending on the season. Most will go up a shade (or 2, or 3) in the spring and summer and bump back down in fall and winter.

FACT: You’d be surprised just how much you can get out of the sponge when you use that dabbing motion–sometimes even when you think there’s nothing left, another dab over a blemish will cover it completely.

FACT: Using your fingers typically provides MORE coverage (which can look fake). Using a sponge (especially a DAMP one) helps more evenly disperse the color.
Foundation brushes DO give a nice finish, but sometimes apply product more heavily than a sponge would, and can be very costly. Sponges can be cleaned and re-used, but are inexpensive to replace.

Try a regular wedge-shaped sponge sold at FACADE or at the beauty section of stores like Target, CVS, or even your grocery store. But our new FAVORITE sponge is this latex-free “Oblong Blending Sponge”!!! The pointed end allows you to get around your eyes easily and the rounded side is great to quickly cover cheeks or to blend! I don’t know who else has them, but we do at FACADE!!! $3 each.