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Looking for some of the best gifts Facade has to offer this Christmas for friends, family, or even yourself? Here are some of our staff picks! Try mixing and matching any or all of these things for what our girls here at facade would consider the PERFECT stocking!

Santa baby, I’ve really been an awful good girl…
You can trim my Christmas tree, with lots of goodies from Facade beauty…
I really do believe in you. Let’s see if you believe in me

A. Rubis Tweezers $40. These swiss tweezers are simply the best. A slant tip for excellent precision. The company also makes a scissor perfect for trimming rogue brow hairs!

B. Tassi $15. Available in an assortment of colors and prints. Used to pull back hair while washing your face or applying makeup. Doesn’t leave “dents” in the hair and doesn’t snag or pinch like clips or bands could.

C. Girlactik Pout Shine “Gorgeous” $18. Available in three other colors, this highly pigmented gloss gives a beautiful shine and has enough color it can be worn without a lipstick underneath.

D. Belvada Mascara $20. A fabulous mascara in a unique container. Remove the lid and use the slide to push the mascara wand out and through the mascara, for an even, clump-free coating on the wand every time!

E. Paul & Joe Kitty Cat Nail File $5. These adorable nail files get the job done.

F. Jessica Cuticle Oil $6. Fabulously nourishing, yet feels very light.

G. Makeup Mini Bag $10. Made out of neoprene (the same material as wet suits for scuba diving), this extremely durable bag can hold and protect your essentials. Also available in  a larger “brush clutch” size for $15.

H. Kabuki Brush $40. This brush is a great multi-tasker. Excellent for powder, bronzer or blush, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand!

I. Paul & Joe Nail Enamel 019 $14. This nail polish is long-wearing and comes in a variety of colors–but we particularly love this sultry color–perfect even after the holidays!

J. Paul & Joe Nail Enamel 014 $14. This polish has silver glitter in a clear base- perfect for layering over more opaque colors (like the other shade shown here!) when you’re feeling particularly festive.

K. Tube Pencil Sharpener $5. This convenient sharpener holds pencil shavings from eye, lip, and brow pencils so you don’t make a mess! When it’s full, it pulls apart so you can empty the shavings in a waste basket.

L. Facade Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil $22. Our waterproof eyeliner is an absolute MUST for every girl. It’s available in 10 shades and is incredibly long-wearing. Perfect for lining the inner membrane or outside of the eye. We especially recommend gifting colors BARDOT (black) and LORELEI (gold) since they’ll look great with any skin, eye, or hair color.

M. LIPSMART $30. This amazing lip treatment is a balm and plumper in one. It uses an all-natural ingredient that binds water to the skin cell, keeping each cell plump and moist! Essential for quickly approaching cold weather.

Come look around the shop for OTHER gift ideas too! We would be happy to wrap any item(s) for you as gifts in wrapping paper and ribbon, or in a cellphane bag with ribbon.