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Getting ready for all those holiday parties makes it essential to know how to do your eyeshadow like a professional! Watch this video for Corinne’s tips!

To get the look, try using these Facade products!

1. Apply BAYSHORE (a beautiful pale beige) using the #29 brush to the entire lid.







2. Apply THROB (a very lovely burgundy) using the #19 brush damp to the lower lid only.







3. Apply INDISCREET (soft dove grey) using the #31 tate contour. (The #33 angle contour is used in the video, but unfortunately is no longer available. This is the next best thing!)







4. Returning to the #29 brush, apply SANTOLINA (a very sheer golden tone) to the entire eyelid.


Pair this beautiful shadow look with some great eyeliner for a stunning look for the holidays or every day!