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Unfortunately, many New Years’ resolutions force us to focus on our negative attributes. Instead, try focusing on something positive! Instead of a promise of deprivation, what about a promise to pamper yourself a little bit?

Our lesson ($150 with a staff artist, $300 with owner, Corinne) is designed to boost your self-esteem by showing you step-by-step skincare and makeup that suits your lifestyle.

Caroline Corbett- a loyal Facade client, photograph by Michael Carr

We make it simple for you to emphasize your best features, and you’ll leave with a color chart to follow at home.

Having the power to help yourself look your best, will boost your confidence and maybe even your mood!

Renewing the way you care for yourself this way may inspire you to make other positive changes- whether it’s moving more, being more discerning of the food you eat, giving love a chance, or really GOING for that new job!