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Let’s be honest girls– we typically don’t really wear makeup to attract or impress men. It’s more about the way WE feel. They don’t always notice all the trouble you went to, what they DO notice is the confidence it evokes in us when we know we look great.

But with Valentine’s day right around the corner, we can still try to use makeup in a way that will appeal to them. Most men will find a lip that looks like the best version of your own the most attractive–so instead of a bold red lip, try instead a color that is almost the same shade as your natural lip tone. Most girls have a color that ranges from a browny-pink to a soft petal, to even a slight berry tone.

Lips with a little sheen to them look sultry– Begin by lining the lips with a neutral lip liner like FACADE Vanity, and finish by applying a sheer gloss, or a soft lipstick. Don’t goop on too much, though– men typically don’t like it when a gloss or lipstick feels too sticky.




Products to try:





(From Left to Right) Facade Lip gloss in SWEET KATE, MAVERICK PINK, and ARABELLA are gorgeous neutral lip tones.







(From Left to Right) Facade Lipstick in LAGUNA BEACH, CARADONA, AND CAMEO.

If you’ve been using your LIPSMART or Natura Bisse Lip Recovery Balm, as we suggested in our FIRST Valentine’s post, your lips will FEEL just as good as they look! (And Here’s a tip– for the most natural looking lip, try using ONLY Vanity Lipliner and LIPSMART together!)

Below, take a look at our short video tutorial by Facade Owner, Corinne Williams: