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Most of us spend the additional time to look a little extra special when going out for dinner, cocktails, or other special occasions. But for single women, it may be almost more important to put a little extra effort into their day-to-day looks. Not that many women actually meet their future husbands at a bar or a wedding. It’s far more likely that you’ll meet someone in a much less glamorous situation–in the office, walking the dog, or out for coffee.

We all have different lifestyles that require various things of our makeup looks. In addition, our different tastes will dictate what’s appropriate for day vs. night.

But this is one thing that can help all of us make sure we’re looking as fresh-faced and beautiful as when we first put our makeup on: The Mixer by Geri G. The idea behind this product is that you can mix it with any other product have longer wear and waterproofs it.

You won’t need to mix it with Facade, Ilona, or ERA foundation since they are already waterproof, but it CAN be applied with the M brush over your finished face to set bronzer and blush, or to give extra staying power to eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Adding this one product gives you the reassurance you look great without the need for touch-ups. Which also frees up extra time for more important things, and gets your nose out of your compact, so you can NOTICE everyone who could be noticing you!