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Whether your complaints are puffs, under-eye circles, or crows feet–this trick will help your eye gel or cream do a LOT more for you!

Not too long ago, professionals told you to use your ring finger (purportedly the weakest of your fingers) to gently tap eye cream to the delicate skin around the eye.

But studies have proven that this technique isn’t actually the best. Although the tissue around the eye IS in fact, delicate–massage has many benefits. In fact, they’ve been recognized by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, ages ago. Massage even in this area helps drain extra fluids that may be causing puffiness. It also is THE best way to encourage the product to penetrate. The deeper it penetrates, the MORE benefits you will see from it, and the FASTER you will see them too! Especially if you have been ill, tired, had too much to drink the night before, or are suffering from allergies, THIS will help you look fresh and perky!

It doesn’t have to take forever, and you don’t have to make a point of it EVERY time–but next time you’re putting on your eye gel or cream give it a try! You shouldn’t have to use a lot of product, but enough that your fingers will glide (not tug) across your skin. Use your index or middle finger to draw circles around the orbit of the eye, changing the diameter of the circle as you go so you cover all of the skin under the eye and even on the eyelid. You can use slightly firmer pressure under the eye than on the lid–remember–firm but gentle.

On the outer corner of the eyes, use a small circular motion  or massage ACROSS any fine lines or wrinkles…imagine that your skin is a garment you’re trying to iron and your skull is the ironing board.

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