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Knowing which makeup brushes to use can totally change your makeup look. Using three different brushes with the exact same eyeshadow can make the same shade look entirely different.

There are a few rules of thumb–

The larger, fluffier, longer, and softer the bristle, the more diffused the application will be.

The shorter, stiffer, and more compact the bristle, the more intense the application will be.

So for instance, our #29 Wash brush, $35 (Pictured below) has very fluffy soft bristles and will create a very soft application. It’s fabulous for the very first eyeshadow color on your eye OR, alternatively to glaze over the entire eye when you’re finished with a pretty tone. This is NOT the brush to use for smoky techniques, but can be used first for the base shadow color.

Alternatively, the #31 tate brush, $30 (pictured below) is PERFECT for getting the most true intensity from your shadows, with it’s short, dense application it will give you the most contrast. It’s great for creating a beautiful contour or accent on the outer corner of the eye for something sexy and demure. Also, the sable bristle is GREAT to use wet for even more intensity–plus using it damp will prevent dark shadows from falling onto your cheeks and ruining your foundation!