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We were thrilled when we heard Paul & Joe was going to release their newest Spring Collection in homage to the cat! Not only is the packaging beautiful, but many of the products have patterns pressed in the product itself like paw prints across the lipsticks, and blusher sticks shaped like adorable kitties with top hats and bow-ties!

Many stores are already sold out of some (or all) of these products and because they are limited edition, they cannot be re-ordered.

This collection has gotten rave reviews (and helpful tutorials) all over the web!

We, however, have quite a bit still in stock! In addition to the cute kitschy products, there’s also a brand new star in the collection that we hope will become a permanent member of the Paul & Joe Beaute family– the waterproof Gel liner! We are LOVING this stuff! It comes with it’s own brush and glides on easily. Plus, it truly lasts! We love this for creating a thin line on the upper lashbed and blurring a little with our own LORELEI waterproof pencil. Use a swipe more on the outer corners of the eye as a “dovetail” that will last all night!

Lipstick $20 each

Blusher Stick $28 each

(001 is a beautiful highlighting color to make the nose look a little straighter, highlight tops of cheekbones, or even highlight the brow bone or put in center of lower lip for a little frost and shine)

Nail Enamel $14 each


Face & Eye Color Palettes $36 each

Gel Liner $25

Pressed Powder $42

Plus, Corinne ordered the rest of the kitty lipsticks made a couple of months ago so we’ve still got plenty left! Check out our previous post about that here for pictures! Due to the limited availability and the fact that they will never be made again, they are $30 each.


We are happy to ship any products throughout Canada and the U.S. If you are interested in ordering, please e-mail us at facadeuptown@aol.com or call the store at 713-552-1545 and ask to speak with Kate or Jason.