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We are thrilled to share that the owner of Facade, Corinne Williams, was interviewed for a piece in the upcoming issue of PaperCity! PaperCity is a local publication available free in Houston with articles about fashion, trends, events, and Houston society.

Here’s your sneak peek of the interview! You can pick up a copy of PaperCity here at Facade or at several other local businesses throughout Houston!

Want the products Corinne mentions?

Bye Bye Undereye from IT Cosmetics is $25 for a tube that will last you at LEAST 3 months. Bye Bye Pores also from IT Cosmetics is $25. These products are absolute MUST-HAVES as far as we’re concerned! The entire concept behind IT Cosmetics are products that look realistic even on High Definition television. If it’s good enough for that, it’s good enough for us!

Beauty For Real Cream Blushes, $30. We sell the “Beauty For Real” collection too! Each of these creamy blush compacts have two colors in them. In a beautiful dusty rose tone with a soft highlight color called “Get Lit/ In the Pink” and a gorgeous bronze color with a gold highlight called “Goldrush/After glow”. We recommend Using the pink and/or bronze on the apple of your cheek, and either of the highlight colors on the tops of cheekbones for a beautiful, dewy glow. The bronze/gold colors will be beautiful in the upcoming spring/summer months!

ERA spray foundation, $55, by Classified Cosmetics comes in a variety of colors, provides great coverage that looks like real skin, and contains skin-loving ingredients to soothe and heal sensitive or blemish-prone skin. Plus it’s WATERPROOF so you can dance all night long even in Houston’s high humidity and know that your look will last!

LIPSMART, $30, is a beautiful hydrating lip plumper. Old plumpers basically used ingredients they KNOW will irritate your lips to the point they swell–which accounts for the extra volume they provide. It’s usually not harmful–most companies use products like peppermint extract, but it IS irritating. Lipsmart, on the other hand uses ingredients that encourage water retention on a cellular level. Over time, the skin cell swells to accommodate the extra water molecules giving you plump, luscious lips without the sting!

Paul & Joe Beaute 001B Bronzer, $40, is beautiful for paler complexions. It doesn’t have any sparkle in it, and lends a soft beautiful warmth that never looks heavy or dirty.

Facade Natural Touch Foundation, $50, is Corinne’s liquid version of the ERA spray foundation. Great for girls intimidated by the spray application. This formula also feels a little lighter once on and therefor feels better on less oily skins than the spray foundation. It too, is a waterproof formula.




Facade Waterproof Eyeliners, $22. These are THE best eyeliner pencils for lining the inside membrane of the eye HANDS-DOWN. Available in 10 stunning shades that really last! When the nights over and you’re ready to remove, just use a waterproof eye makeup remover like “In An Instant” from Ilona or vaseline works very nicely too!