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Okay, we’ve been smitten with IT cosmetics for awhile. The makers of Bye Bye Under-eye, have produced a powder that is hard for us to keep in stock: Bye Bye Pores ($25)! This incredibly fine-milled translucent powder creates a beautiful “veil” on the face that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores, while reducing shine and giving you a gorgeous velvety texture to the skin!

Just make sure you use a great brush to buff it in, and don’t use too much like Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman did ! Yikes! (Note: They weren’t necessarily using THIS powder–just a translucent powder.)

I like using our Bronze Beauty brush ($75) which has very soft, airy bristles to dust it lightly on my T-zone especially. Our Beauty Brush ($35) has soft, very compact bristles that will apply a little more product–great if you really are concerned about diffusing the appearance of your pores! Or try the brush from IT cosmetics themselves!: the Heavenly Luxe brush ($48) is similar to our own beauty brush but with a synthetic bristle and a slightly larger head. We’re in love!

We’ve known about this product for awhile, but what’s new on the scene (at least here at Facade, anyway) is their AIRBRUSH BRONZER ($24)! It’s the same formula as the Bye Bye pores but with a gorgeous bronzy hue. No shimmer–just color! Like the translucent powder, it comes in a loose powder sifter. Girls who really like a lot of color or get a lot of sun can use it straight up—but fairer girls can mix the Bye Bye Pores powder with some of the bronzer in the cap for a softer touch of sun!

We also carry their eyelid primer BYE BYE LID LINES  ($25) which preps the tissue to keep eye makeup lasting longer and prevent creasing. It also smooths the appearance of crepe-y lids. BROW POWER ($25) eyebrow pencil, which self-adapts to your own brow color, and their INVISIBLE LIPLINER ($24)–a clear, wax-y feeling pencil used to line OUTSIDE your natural lipline to prevent bold colors from bleeding! These people are geniuses!