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We have had a love affair with Beauty For Real lip glosses for ages now, but in case you haven’t fallen yet (or you haven’t been introduced), allow us!:

This GENIUS tube of gloss comes with a mirror on the side of the tube so you can see exactly what you’re doing without pulling out a separate compact or mirror, AND what makes it even MORE cool is the black button on the top of the lid–press it in, and a small (but bright!) LED light shines at the base of the wand. So as you apply, the light hits your lips. Great for winter months when you need to touch-up before dinner, and still fabulous for summer nights out!

Not to mention the sheer shades are GORGEOUS-it comes in a variety of colors that are flattering to many skin tones, and every gloss smells like (and contains) peppermint extract, lending a tingly sensation to your lips that adds volume.

This Spring/Summer they have launched two brand new colors called DON’T STOP RED and GO NUDE!

And these glosses were featured in the March Issue of Real Simple Magazine!

At $22 with all the bells and whistles, we’re sure you’re head over heels already!