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Wanna get that “J.Lo Glow”? Who doesn’t!? We’ve got a variety of products to help you get the look!

FIRST we’ve got skincare!

One of our best selling products here at Facade is a product from Natura Bisse called Cure Sheer Cream. It has fabulous anti-aging benefits that actually help revive dying skin cells–giving them hydration and promoting collagen growth in the lower layers of the skin. It has a broad-spectrum sunscreen in it (meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF of 20. What REALLY makes it amazing is the color! It’s the most high-tech tinted moisturizer you have ever seen. The “color adaptive molecule” adjusts to any skin tone–it doesn’t have as much coverage as a foundation, but it softly diffuses redness and other discolorations while imparting a radiant glow! That, plus the skin benefits, makes a 1.7 oz jar that lasts about 3 months a steal at $170. We’ve tried it on skin tones like that of Liv Tyler to Iman and it really does blend beautifully! Our clients who are big into tennis, golf, or horesback riding LOVE that it’s one step for sun protection, coverage, and moisture. It can be worn alone OR under your usual foundation.

One of the newest products from Natura Bisse, Cure Sheer Touch, is a spin-off–now in a gel formula with NO sunscreen, but the addition of dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a sunless tanner–at a VERY low dose, to give a delicate glow to skin over time. It too has the self-adapting color molecule of the sheer cream and can be used on the body or the face. It also has moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, and a formula that feels a little less rich–so girls with oilier skin may prefer this texture over the cream. It gives a gorgeous luminosity to the skin as well. Those who get spray tans could use this to extend the life of their tan! $105 for 5.3 oz.

Now for makeup tricks:


CLASSIFIED COSMETICS spray-on bronzers: Sunkissed (sheer bronze) and “One in the Sun” (richer bronze), $45 are WATERPROOF and come in an aerosol spray can. Mist it on your face (avoid your forehead, focus on cheekbones and nose) or on your legs, chest, and arms to really wow in a great cocktail dress or bathingsuit on the beach! If you need to cover spider veins or bruises, use a fine mist of one of their spray-on foundations to the legs or arms first, and then lightly mist the bronzer to get that beautiful luminous glow!

Girlactik Glamorous Skin Glow, $23.
Is an almost creamy-textured makeup.
It’s not heavy and won’t clog your pores, but it imparts a truly beautiful glow to the skin. Use with the sponge included or with a synthetic cream blush brush to glaze the cheek bones. We use this trick on brides all the time to make their skin truly come alive. It’s also beautiful on your shin bones when you’re wearing a skirt, or along your clavicles (collarbones) to look super sexy even in more conservative necklines. Even on busy errand days where you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup you can smear this on your lids and lips for a little effortless sex appeal!

Beauty For Real cream blush in Goldrush/Afterglow, $30.
This is a cream blush texture (a little richer than the girlactik product) and is best applied with a synthetic blush brush (we like the ‘M’ mixer brush from Geri G. Cosmetics, $15) It comes with a bronzy tone and a more golden hue. I like smearing the darker tone just under cheek bones for dimension and the golden hue just above it.




Whichever method you choose to keep your skin GLOWING, remember that the cheeks are the area you really want that shine—shiny foreheads and shimmery noses can look oily– keep them matte with blotting or powder papers. ($5)