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There’s been a lot of buzz about primers over the years, but how do you know if you need one? What do they do and how do they work?


Generally speaking, primers for the face are similar to paint primers for your walls–they create a clean canvas for your foundation to adhere to– often resulting in more even coverage and longer wear.Many of them also act somewhat like a “spackle” too, by lightly filling in large pores and fine lines, creating a more smooth look for skin with textural imperfections.

That being said- primers may not be worth it to some girls. As far as longevity goes, our Facade Natural Touch Foundation and Classified ERA Spray-On Foundation are already waterproof, and Ilona Realistic True-To-Skin Foundation is water resistant! Even in Houston’s OVER THE TOP humidity, it’s not going anywhere! But if texture, or even tone are still a concern—a primer might be for you. But in addition to primers for the face, there are now primers for lashes and lids! Here’s the skinny:

ImageDiego Dalla Palma Universal Makeup Base, $42.00, 1.0 fl oz.

This primer has a really luxurious, velvety feel. It gives the skin a smoother, more even texture. This silicone-free formula uses glycerin instead so it feels light-NEVER greasy! No ick-factor here.

ImageClassified Cosmetics Primer, (aerosol spray), $30.00, 25 fl oz.

This revolutionary primer has taken after it’s foundation big sister- Just like the foundation, you shake and gently mist it on the face. It imparts a pretty glow that radiates even under foundation and visibly leaves skin silky.

ImageKevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Primer$42.00, .34 fl oz.

A silky, lightweight primer that imparts a flawless pore-free finish. Also free of silicone, with a glycerine base to hydrate the skin without clogging problem skin.


it Cosmetics BYE BYE LID LINES, $25, .25 fl oz.

This primer smooths the texture of crepe-y lids, prevents shadows from creasing, and helps your shadows go on looking TRUE to the color in the pan. It also helps provide longer wear, so there isn’t any reason your shadow can’t work overtime! Apply with the wand, and use your finger or a sable brush to smooth over the entire lid. Fabulous especially for smoothing the appearance of thinning or aging skin.


Girlactik EYE GLAZES, $18, .20 fl oz.

These are a GODSEND for lids everywhere. Several water-proof shades to choose from– won’t even BUDGE through tears or sweat. We use these all the time on brides and bridal parties. These glazes combine a primer and shadow TOGETHER. We love a 2-for-1! Layer shadows OVER it, and it will increase their staying power as well, or layer other glazes! Gorgeous! Also great for smudging a little color under lower lashes for a CONTROLLED smudgy, sexy look that won’t smear afterward!


Revitalash Volumizing Lash Primer, $24, .25 fl oz.

Compatible with ANY mascara, this primer doesn’t have the fibers in it the old primers had-this is a transparent gel formula that coats each lash adding fullness and length. Never clumps, flakes, or looks heavy. Great for everyday OR special occasions. If you’re a multiple-coat mascara girl- you have GOT to try this–it will cut your work at least in half! Apply mascara as usual after.