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Facade is BEYOND excited to announce the debut of KEVYN AUCOIN in our store! This legendary makeup artist and author of best-selling books Making Faces and Face Forward, was (and still is) incredibly respected in the beauty industry.

Kevyn was interested in makeup from the time he was a child, and frequently did his sisters’ makeup and photographed the results with a Polaroid camera—something he’d do throughout his career. Afraid to buy makeup, he would shoplift it. The guilt of stealing and fear of getting caught made him stop. Later in life, he enrolled in beauty school and had hoped to learn more about applying makeup, but ended up teaching the class instead.

At 18, he worked in a small corner of an exclusive women’s store in his hometown Lafayette, Louisiana. But the women were uncomfortable with a man doing their makeup. Thelma Aucoin (his mother) recalled, “It was $30 for a makeup lesson, and these were women who paid $3,000 for a dress, but they’d never let him.”

Now, Kevyn’s impeccable eye for color and all things elegant is embodied in this sexy, innovative, and yet classic makeup collection.

To top it all off, what really got us going was finding out HE was the original designer of the Shu Umeura lash curler we fell in love with years ago. When it was discontinued, we couldn’t find a replacement we liked nearly as much–This is the answer to our prayer! For $20, you’ll get a new lash curler, and an extra replacement lash pad!

Drop by Facade or call us at 713-552-1545 and ask to speak to KATE to experience just a little of his magic…