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Paul & Joe never fails to disappoint with their limited edition collections. Check out the latest: from their summer collection inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Beautiful pops of fluorescent tones mixed with soft pinks and scattered with fairy dust…

Shimmering Face Powder G, $40. The colors swirled together give a beautiful illumination to the entire face. The beautiful butterfly image won’t just swirl off after the first few uses–the powder is colored like that all the way to the bottom of the pan!





Nail Enamel G, $14. 028 is flecked with glitter, 029 is a gorgeous opalescent color that reminds us of mother of pearl, and 030 has micro-glitter.

lipgloss G, $22. 001 (“Love Potion) is scented like strawberry vanilla, 002 (“Fairie Kisses”) green apple vanilla, and 003 (“little dream”) is orange vanilla.

Don’t be shy of 002–it’s very sheer and reads almost like a clear tone. Great for adding warmth and shine to coral or nude lip tones!

Face color G, $24. We’re in love with every one of these tones! Available in 001 Nymph, 002 Nubile, and 003 Faune- which is great for a bronzy look with a little touch of rose. dust over cheekbones and nose for that almost-too-much sun, frisky look!

Shimmering body lotion G, $40.

A hydrating gel spiked with sparkle, that leaves behind a light fruity scent.









We have all of these items currently in stock in the store! We are not currently carrying the limited edition self-select eye shadow colors. Stop in to try any of these, or give us a call at 713-552-1545 and ask to speak with Kate if you would like to order. You can also reach us via email at facadeuptown@aol.com

(We are happy to ship!- anywhere outside of TX is tax-free!)