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You’re a PRETTY smart girl, and you’re going away for the week (or maybe just a weekEND) and you have to make sure you have everything. You’re serious about taking care of your skin. Better make sure you add these to the list:

  • cleanser
  • exfoliant
  • serum
  • moisturizer
  • eye cream

You can do one of three things:

  1. CHECK the majority of your items because they’re over 3 fl oz–where they’re HEAVY, take up SPACE, and might leak or get broken.
  2. Peruse the aisles of your local drug-store to see what they’ve got available in travel sizes…if you’ve got sensitive skin, it’s a little like playing Russian roulette!…
  3. Get stuck squeezing or scooping them into refillable jars or tubes.

Ugh! Instead of all that, try just adding ONE thing to your bag for travel skincare:

  • V beaute IT kit, $165

The IT KIT contains travel sizes of luxury results-oriented skincare for the woman who is serious about caring for her skin, with an on-the-go lifestyle. The silver oval case organizes all of your skincare steps neatly–and each item is also sold separately as a refill. Refills sell for $18-$42 depending on the product.

It’s not just trendy–it’s smart! With cheeky names like “Eye never!”, “Evidence Eraser”, and “Buying Time” coupled with it’s sleek packaging, you might think it’s all fluff–but it’s quite the opposite.

Designed for the most discerning of women, this skincare line is proud to be Paraben, Fragrance, Gluten, Nut, and Oat free. Plus it is dermatologist tested and NOT tested on animals.

In addition, it contains cutting-edge ingredients like BioCellular Peptide, and Ceremide 2 and 3 PLUS “vComplex”…which, according to Vbeaute’s information is a “potent Swiss cellular concentrate…that provides antioxidant protection in relation to UV damage, helping the skin naturally prevent the cycle of aging.”

Not to worry–if you get hooked and don’t want to get stuck always buying sizes fit for the home of a dwarf–you can buy full sizes of the products as well! Prices range from $48 to $150 depending on the product.

Our only complaint? The cream for the face doesn’t contain a sunscreen…but if you plan on basking in the sun, just ask, and we can provide you with sample packets of a sunscreen product from Natura Bisse suitable for your skin.

Call us at 713-552-1545 or stop in the store for more information. We can even send it to you over-night if you’re so busy packing you can’t get out!