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One of the FIRST pieces of advice you’ve probably already heard is go WATERPROOF! The natural moisture of your eyes, combined with Houston’s humidity, and possibly tears- waterproof is the only way your liner can last the day.

Of course, we recommend our very own FACADE WATEPROOF EYE PENCILS which are available in 10 shades. For lining the inside (or membrane) of the eye we particularly recommend Bardot (Black) or Lido (Dark Blue). $22 each. If you prefer a liquid liner to a pencil, we’ve recently become smitten with Diego Dalla Palma’s liquid version which is available in both brown and black, $30.

Many of you have used our liners before and STILL may have a problem with smudging. So HERE are some great trouble-shooting tips:

If it’s not WATER-soluble (i.e. water PROOF), it’s likely OIL-soluble–meaning anything with oils in it will cut right through it. So if you use an oil-based concealer around your eyes or a rich eye cream, they may be breaking down the eyeliner. You have options: For eye creams- try switching to something lighter and GEL-based for the day, and reserve your really rich eye creams for night (We like Darphin Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel, $38; Natura Bisse Eye Recovery Balm, $95; and Natura Bisse Stimul-Eye Gel, $65). You can also try changing the formula of concealer you use.

Also try dusting a little bit of a translucent POWDER with a small fluffy brush under your eyes when you’re completely finished with your makeup. This creates a barrier so the oils in other makeup don’t mix with the eyeliner. [We like our FACADE pressed powder in NILLA CREME ($42.50 new or $30 for a refill) it Cosmetics BYE BYE PORES, $24; or Diego Dalla Palma Rice Powder, $52]

STILL getting smudgy?

Consider this: maybe your LINER isn’t the culprit–the problem COULD be mascara!

We don’t always recommend wearing waterproof EVERY day because it can be drying to your lashes—HOWEVER, if you coat them first with a mascara primer like the one by REVITALASH, $24, it may be moisturized enough to handle waterproof every day. We LOVE Diego Dalla Palma Semipermanente mascara, $36—it’s not going ANYWHERE until you take it off!

In addition, we recommend always using a waterproof mascara on bottom lashes (if you use mascara on the bottom lashes at all!) because the bottom is where you’re likely to smudge- especially if your eyes water, or you wipe at them frequently. We recommend Maybelline Lash Discovery in waterproof for this. The itty bitty brush allows for precision–and you don’t need volumizing/lengthening for these lashes–just color. This gives you exactly that!