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Try these tips to start looking (or KEEP looking) younger and more revitalized!

1.) Moisturize!

Think of your skin cells like grapes vs raisins. Cells with plenty of water are plump and smooth– cells without it look shriveled and collapsed. For de-hydrated skin (i.e. skin lacking water NOT oil) try Darphin’s hydraskin serum, $75– what they like to call “the little black dress of skincare” because everyone could and should have one! Dry skin (lacking oil) might switch to a richer cream. Also drink plenty of water!





2.) Use a liquid to illuminate under the eyes.

Natura Bisse Sheer Cure Eye cream, $115,  mimics the pretty glow from YSL’s Touche Eclat–but has something YSL doesn’t–powerful anti-aging benefits! Fighting under eye darkness and puffs, while lifting and firming. Plus sheer iridescence that gives skin under the eyes vitality! Avoid using thick concealers on this area: it thins as we age, causing this to look worse not better.

3.)Use a translucent powder.

Our hearts flutter a little when we think about Bye Bye Pores from IT Cosmetics, $24. It’s so finely milled that it doesn’t settle in and hi-light fine lines and wrinkles. Instead it creates a sort of “veil” like effect: diffusing and softening the appearance of the skin, and making larger pores magically appear smaller!
4.)Use cream/liquid blushes.

Cream Blushes keep the skin looking dewy and hydrated instead of dry and powdery. Apply it to the apples of the cheeks- where you would NATURALLY flush for the most youthful–and natural–look. We’re gaga for the 8 new shades from Kevyn Aucoin, $24–
pictured here in shade “Isadore”.



5.) Fill in eyebrows.

Whether it’s from over-tweezing or just becoming sparser over time–brows tend to lose their density as we age. Get the youthful look back by delicately coloring the skin between hairs in the brow. Paul & Joe’s “skinny brow” pencils, $22, are slim like mechanical pencils which makes it possible to draw in individual hairs-without fear of looking like Groucho Marx!


6.) Start with a shadow primer.

A primer not only increases wear-time of your eyeshadows–the best ones also help smooth the appearance of the tissue on the eyelid which can start to look crepe-y as the aging process takes over. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines, $25, not only does these things but also contains green tea, vitamin K, and collagen for their anti-aging benefits. Win-win!

7. Don’t be so scared of shimmer!

Seemingly every woman over 35 thinks she can’t wear shimmer– Unfortunately many makeup artists helped spread this falsehood. But look at Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, and Helen Mirin above and YOU tell ME they don’t look great! I double dare you! The key is to LIMIT shimmers to a few areas. All of these ladies have dewy glowing cheeks, and a highlight somewhere on the eye. Diane Keaton chose to highlight the inner corner of her eye–giving it that glint like she’s up to something. Mirin and Sarandon chose to highlight the browbone. The trick is to use shimmer on the FIRMEST part of the eye to show off how smooth it is! Using shimmer adds dimension and interest to your look. A face done entirely in matts looks dull and lifeless–and you want to GLOW! Try any number of our beautiful Facade eyeshadows with a satin or pearl finish, $18.50 each.

8.) Try a lash serum!

Long, dense lashes are a sign of youth and vitality. If yours are starting to diminish, try undoing the damage with a lash growth serum. We love Revitalash, $100, which goes on once a day like a liquid liner and helps generate new growth while conditioning lashes. It’s even better that there are no reported side effects like with the prescription, Latisse.


9.) Plump your lips!

We’re not talking about that over-injected bee-stung look–we just want to restore fullness from your youth.Lipsmart, $30, keeps skin cells in the lip hydrated so they remain plump and smooth (remember the raisin metaphor earlier?)

10.) Try on a NUDE lipstick.

It doesn’t have to be paler than your mouth–try something close to your natural lip tone. When you’re concerned about feathering in lines around your mouth bright colors are your WORST enemy! So instead try something a little more understated. Plus, when lips have lost volume very bright or very dark colors can make the mouth look even smaller. For suggestions from Facade, refer to our earlier entry: “The Perfect Pout“. Don’t believe you can get away with “not wearing enough color”? Look at those pictures of Susan, Diane, and Helen again! Their lips definitely aren’t loud!