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Paul & Joe Lipsticks have been a serious LIFEsaver here at Facade. For a woman of any age, these lipsticks have a range of beautiful color and always a wonderful texture. We have recommended them for a girl of 6 to swipe on like a sheer sparkly balm, to a freshman in highschool, a young bride, a working professional, a stay-at-home mom, all the way to a retiree.

At any age, we’re all MAD for lipstick that glides on easily, never feels sticky, and is a little bit different than any other shade you’ve seen before. Which is why we are so excited to announce the debut of Paul & Joe’s brand new lipstick collection at Facade!

What’s amazing to us is that it was like it was MADE for us! Our Facade brand eyeshadows, blushes, and powders have always been sold seperately from the compact so you can customize them exactly the way you want… Similarly, these new lipsticks are sold seperately from the case…So you can choose the color you want in a range of available textures (sheer, natural, and full-coverage) and then pick the case you’ll pop it into to. Genius! A fun beauty treat and a fashion statement all in one! When you need more of your favorite shade, you can just buy a refill lipstick and pop it into the same case–but you could always buy a new one if you wanted to spice things up a bit!

Sheer: These are INCREDIBLY sheer. Don’t let the seemingly bright pinks scare you. Just the teensiest breath of color is delivered in each of these balm-like lipsticks, for a very natural-looking (and feeling) lip with a delicate hint of tint! From Left to Right: Secret D’or(101), Sheer Bliss(102), Just Peachy(103), Mademoiselle(104), & First Kiss(105).

Natural: These go on feeling silky and creamy. Very true to the color they appear, only varying slightly on the mouth depending on your natural lip color. A beautiful range of color: some of which are slightly opalescent, and others are slightly more matte. From Left to Right: Potpourri(201), Pret-a-Porter(202), Petite Princess(203), Toujours Heureux(204), Strawberry Jam(205), (206), Grapevine(207), & Le Marais(208)

Full Coverage: Providing the maximum amount of coverage while still feeling light and silky on the mouth, these colors hug your lip and stay moist throughout the day. From Left to Right: Mon Mimi(301), Retro(302), Silk Stockings(303), Rouge(304), La Vie en Rose(305), Avenue Montaigne(306), & Cathedral(307)

Fall 2012 Limited Edition: Two “full coverage” textures (003 & 006), two “natural” textures (002 & 005), and two “sheer” textures (001 & 004). We are IN LOVE with 004 “Beloved”!!! We’re crossing our fingers P&J will consider keeping it permanently! From Left to Right: Cupid’s Kiss (001) sheer, Eros(002) natural, Tenderness(003) full-coverage, Beloved(004) sheer, Venus(005) natural, and Je T’adore(006) full-coverage.

Once you’ve selected the desired lipstick ($17), the fun doesn’t stop. Time to pick a case! A paper case or the signature pink & white plastic case is $5, and the limited edition vintage-inspired turqouise metallic case is $20.

All of these items are available for sale at our store location in Uptown Park near the Galleria in Houston, TX.

For inquiries or to order any of these products to be shipped in the continental united states, feel free to call 713-552-1545 or e-mail kate@facadebeauty.com !