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We added Diego Dalla Palma’s gorgeous products to our store early this spring. We absolutely adore the colors and textures employed by this line, and were thrilled to welcome their latest collection, “Night Jazz” for fall. Here’s what’s new!:

Diego’s Touch Velvet Blush, $42, is the perfect mauve-y pink. Gorgeous for many skin tones this time of year. Looks wonderful with ALL of the brand new lipsticks they released this fall!

Also the Natural Silky Powder, $50, comes in a universal translucent color (it’s not WHITE, though like some other loose HD powders so it won’t wash you out or leave you looking chalky). It buffs away imperfections while cutting shine and leaves behind the appearance of buttery smooth skin–NOT powder.

The new lipsticks, $34, are definitely what steals the show. Each of them varying in color and texture, they’re all simply stunning:

  • 175 is a deep metallic tone for some seriously dark glamour. Creates beautiful contrast against fair skin, but looks slightly less dramatic on a richer skin tone.
  • 176 is a matte rose-y mauve that coordinates fabulously with the limited edition blush. Cool and dusty, this is the perfect way to transition pink-lovers into fall.
  • 177 is a cool matte red. Even though it has a matte finish, it feels surprisingly moist on the lip for a look that’s never flaky or looking dated.
  • 178 is a shiny fleshy nude. This formula is insanely sheer and glossy. The convenience of a lipstick with the feeling of a lip balm and the shine of a gloss. These “shiny” formulas are some of our faves. This one is great for a girl that likes a barely there lip but doesn’t want to make her mouth PALER than usual. It accentuates a natural lip tone only slightly.
  • 179 is a shiny fleshy pink. Just as sheer and glossy as it’s sister, 178, this lipstick has just a hint more pink in the formula. It doesn’t show up baby pink at all, but rather adds a kiss of pink to your natural lip tone. Pretty, but never fussy.

Unfortunately, I feel the photos released by Diego don’t do these brilliant glosses, $28, justice.

  • #95 gloss is a rich, deep shade. It’s very sheer, so it looks great over several colors. Especially the #175, #176, and #177 lipsticks or worn alone for a hint of berry color.
  • #96 gloss looks much paler and more neutral in person. It’s a beautiful transparent nude that would be gorgeous over #178 or #179 lipsticks or worn all by itself.

These brow fixer gels, $28, are fabulous! Keep your brows in place while masking gray hairs or adding a little bit more contrast to paler brows. #11 brow fixer is best for fairer hair, and #12 brow fixer is best for darker brows. Simply brush through for fuss-free, stay-put brows with just the right amount of color.

The liners this season are strong and gorgeous! Left: waterproof “wine” liquid liner. A gorgeous plum shimmer. Right: black technical eyeliner–a convenient felt-tipped marker applies smoothly. $30 each.