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Makeup done by Senior Staff artist, Kate Block.
Photograph courtesy of Michael Carr Photography.

Makeup done by Senior Staff Artist, Dayna Leigh.
Photograph courtesy of Michael Carr Photography.

Although it is common for us to do makeup for weddings and bridal portraits–that’s not the only makeup we know how to do here at Facade.

Corporate headshots or other professional portraits are an increasingly common marketing tool. It’s critical for your business that you are portrayed in the correct manner as these photos become an important visual representation of you to your client on business cards, websites, and other marekting materials. It’s a great way to establish a sense of trust and rapport with potential clients before ever having met them.

THIS, however, is why it’s incredibly important that not only do you have an appropriate, professional look in your photograph–but also that you look like YOURSELF on your best day– not over-the-top or glamorous. It’s crucial that when meeting new clients you don’t look like someone else completely from the photo. But that being said, doing your own makeup as you normally would isn’t always the best idea. The camera lens tends to read light much differently than the human eye. This is why many times when you think you have on “enough” or even “too much” makeup in person, you may look washed out in photos.

We are skilled at accentuating your best features, concealing minor imperfections, and creating a polished yet natural look. Because every last detail is captured in head shots/portraits, makeup applications for this purpose (a “photo face” as we call them) are scheduled for 60 minutes to ensure a flawless application and finish.

A photo face is $100 when scheduled with staff artists Kate or Dayna, and is $125 when scheduled with the owner–Corinne. False lashes, if desired, are $25 extra. We recommend having hair styled or placed in rollers prior to your makeup appointment.

Please call 713.552.1545 to schedule your appointment.