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Zooey’s makeup look has become almost iconic. Part of what makes her (and her makeup look) so magnetic is how effortless and carefree it all looks when it comes together.

What most people notice about Zooey is her EYES, but surprisingly the makeup she uses to accentuate them is relatively simple–allowing her the ability to play with a fresh pop of color on her cheek and lip without looking too made up or overdone!

START by prepping your face with the right foundation. Zooey’s skin never looks heavy, cakey, or fake. Our Natural Touch Foundation will give you coverage but still looks REAL. Absorb 2-3 pumps at a time into a damp sponge and use a dabbing/pressing motion to apply wherever necessary. (Zooey would likely be shade #2)

Next, be sure to use concealer to cover any under eye circles. This is one of the keys to keeping your eyes looking big and bright! FACADE Invisible Touch Concealer is very opaque so it can cover well even when only using a small amount. Using a big powder brush like our beauty brush, set with a thin veil of oil-absorbing powder like NillaCreme or Verano Pink if desired.

For CHEEKS try mixing blush colors Dizzy and Glendora, $25 each, with your Pom Pom brush and swirl onto the apples of the cheek for a healthy flush of peachy pink. or for something a little more subtle try Dizzy with Colette, instead!

Next for EYES:

Use #29 Wash brush to dust the entire eyelid with a sheer white shimmer eyeshadow like White Linen to instantly lighten and brighten the eye area.

Next, use #21 Perfect Blender brush DAMP to apply a soft caramel color like Sabrina over the lower half of the lid. (For variations with a little more COLOR try a pretty soft blue/silver like Spellbound, a soft lilac like Juju, or a delicate green like Limelight–all would look GORGEOUS with the rest of the shadows recommended remaining the same!)

gently dab off excess color, and using the same damp brush apply a more dense, pearlescent white like Venice to the inner corner of the eye–softly spreading into the tearduct and a little bit under the eye. THIS is pretty much her signature! You can stop here OR

ADD a matte earth tone like Mojave in the crease using the #25 mini flick brush.

Liner adds a LOT of pop–especially for Zooey. I’ve heard many people say that she lines the bottom membrane (waterline/rim–whatever you want to call it)of her eye with white–but in most examples I’ve found in pictures, that isn’t exactly the case. (Look closely, for instance, at all of the examples I found above!). What she DOES do is line the TOP membrane (underneath the lashes) with a black pencil (try BARDOT waterproof eyeliner) AND, either she lines the outer 3/4 of the bottom membrane with the same black pencil OR she lines the entire bottom membrane with a soft bronzey tone like Dorado. Additionally, she tends to have liner in the lower lashbed–something still in that taupe-y bronze family like Bombshell.

Zooey is all about the FRINGE-not just the bangs, but the lashes too! this is where she gets all the ooomph! Curl your lashes first! This is VERY important to really open up your eyes and help them look bigger. (We love the eyelash curler by Kevyn Aucoin!) Start with a mascara primer like the one we carry by Revitalash, and top with your fave volumizing mascara (We love Revitalash mascara in Raven). Last but not least, false lashes are pretty much always a must for Zooey. The trick is to find lashes that will add FULLNESS not over-the-top length. Also look for false lashes that have fibers that aren’t completely parallel–in order for them to look seamless with your own lashes, they should overlap slightly and be of varying lengths–just like your own lashes.  You could also always try lash extensions if this sounds like way too much work!


She almost always seems to have something different on her mouth! On episodes of her TV show New Girl, she usually seems to have a pretty pop of pink like with Flamenco or Blossom. She also could try a shade like Florabelle, or Fandango. For something a little bit more subtle she could do Runaround or Caradona.

NEED MORE!?: There are a few non-makeup related things that help make Zooeys eyes POP:
1.) You can’t do anything about this if you weren’t: but SHE was blessed with LARGE beautiful eyes! They’re naturally big. That helps A LOT. Of course we can always make small eyes appear larger–but just know that if your eyes are very small, you won’t acheive the same results.

2.) They’re bright. Contacts come in a variety of colors–you can change your eye color completely, or just amplify your own color. Their intense color against her fair skin and dark hair make them appear to shine even brighter.

3.) Her heavy bangs don’t work for every face shape, but on her they work perfectly! They hit just above her eyes (BELOW her eyebrows) drawing your attention right to them. Aren’t ready for the commitment? Try inexpensive clip-ins to see how you’ll look before snipping. Also talk to your stylist about the best look to accentuate your eyes for your face shape!