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At $69 for 1.2 oz of miracle mud, we were sold! This little multi-tasker is an exfoliating treatment and firming mud mask IN ONE! We love that!

Available in the original formula and also a “clearing treatment formula” they are both based with kaolin-clay which absorbs excess oil, tightens and tones pores, and lifts the skin. They also contain their “teaoxi” technology…it has real bits of green tea leaves for their antioxident benefits and volcanic rock for their mineral content.

Both masks produce a tingling effect that can range from barely-there to intense. (Our senior staff artist Kate said she barely felt a tingle—and her skin is typically sensitive! But another artist, Dayna, said it felt like she wanted to take it off almost immediately!). A few of our staff members even used the “clearing treatment formula” and then followed it with the original formula for double duty!

Adored by hollywood stars, the original formula has a proprietary blend of exfoliating acids that help dissolve excess skin cells to reveal newer healthier cells underneath.

Exfoliating this way helps your regular serums and moisturizers penetrate your skin more easily, which makes them more effective! Yes Ma’am!

Stop in the store to pick one up! Or call us at 713-552-1545 for more information.
For a limited time for Christmas, pick up a mini for $24…pair it with a Tassi to keep her hair out of her face during her little treatment for an extra $15 and you’ve got a fab little gift!