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lingerie lipgloss before or after

Same model, lips, and lipgloss!

Lips look fuller and sexier with a very EASY trick! Just like the rest of your face, you can CONTOUR your lips! Unlike how time consuming contouring your cheeks or your nose can be, contouring your lips is a SNAP with a couple of great products.

You will Need Revitalash Spotlight highlighting stick ($25), Facade “Vanity” (nude) lipliner pencil, and your favorite sheer lipgloss (like Facade’s “Elektra” pictured here).

linger contour-highlight lip

The lip liner on the bottom was subtle enough that in the picture you could hardly see it, so I accentuated it in PAINT. You want it just BARELY darker than your natural lip tone. For girls with more pigment in your lips, you may prefer to use “Tender” or “Fever” instead. You may use it lightly to line the contour of your upper lip/cupid’s bow.

Then just slightly ABOVE your actual lip, use the Revitalash spotlight stick to trace along the shape of the cupid’s bow! Also, if desired, dab a bit in the center of the lower lip, all of these will create the illusion of more fullness.  Once you have applied it (I exxagerrated a bit in the photo above), If necessary, pat lightly with your finger to blend.

Then swipe on your favorite sheer lipgloss! Works well with Facade Forget-Me Not, Lingerie, Noelani, Dazzle, Maverick Pink, Windflower, Petticoat, Sweet Kate, or Caprice. This trick will work on the upper lip with any lipstick or gloss, but the reflection on the lower lip may not shine through an opaque lipstick or gloss. You could acheive a similar effect, though, by layering a lighter lipgloss just in the center of the lower lip!

Here’s our inspiration for pulling this look off perfectly!

charlize theron

We LOVE products that can serve multiple uses, so we re-purposed Revitalash’s spotlight stick to help with our lips too! But the traditional more expected use would be to highlight the inner corners (or tearduct area) of the eyes, and under the brow bone. Use your finger or a brush to smudge a bit if necessary, for a fresh look a la Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift!

taylor swift red lip carrie underwood