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Just in for Spring 2013, are Paul & Joe’s three gorgeous new lipstick shades! When it comes to lip color, Paul & Joe knows what we want!

A gorgeous creamy nude (078), a bright peach hue (079), and a juicy magenta (080) are the new shades on the block this season. Their formula never ceases to amaze us–it glides on feeling silky and light, but with excellent pigment and coverage. Plus the adorable little attention to detail–like the adorable molded carousel horses that are on the sides of each lipstick!

PJ 2013 Spring LE LS

Just like their most recent collection of lipsticks, these are sold with the lipstick “refill” seperately for $17 apiece (we like to call them lipstick “bullets”) and the cases being $5. It’s such an ingenious economical/green idea! Because if you are hooked on a shade, keep your case, and just replace with the lipstick refill/bullet of your choice! In fact, if you already have any other Paul & Joe lipstick case (even if it’s from their original collection), you can use that instead! But if all your cases are currently home to a different shade, or you’re just itching for something new, they also just launched some new paper cases! These are the two we have to choose from:

PJ 2013 Spring LE LS paper casesEach paper case is $5, and can be paired with any color of Paul & Joe lipstick! We absolutely adore the 008 case–the print reminds us of Kate Spade’s signature print–except instead of spades, we have clubs!

Looking for Previously Released Limited editions??? Maybe something that you just fell in love with, but can’t find anymore? Maybe we can help you out!:

If you’re looking for any of the glosses, blushes, or face powders from last year’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Spring collection, we ordered a TON so we still have plenty in stock from last year!

paul joe face color g summer 2012 paul joe 2012 lipgloss Paul Joe shimmering powder summer 2012 G

Also, just from this last winter, the lovebirds blush collection (we LOVE the tangerine and pink shades for this spring!!!), we still have all of the colors available:

PJ LE 081 cheek color PJ LE 080 cheek color PJ LE 079 cheek color

AND the precious cat-mold lipsticks…we sold them so quickly when we got our paws on them the first time (forgive the pun), that when we found out we could re-order we got every single last one we could. We sold out of 066 (the gorgeous nude), but we do still have some 067 (sheer peachy/apricot) and 068 (sheer rosy pink flecked with gold) if anyone is interested!

PJ LS LE 067 open PS LS LE 068 open

Last but not least, the gorgeous demi-matte paw-print lipsticks and molded kitty cat cream blushes— we still have ALL colors available in the paw prints and (2)002 cream blushes and (3) 003 blushes left!

PJ LE LS Spring 12 PJ LE Spring 2012 blusher sticks

Click any of the above links for more detailed information about each of the products pictured above.
E-mail us at kate@facadebeauty.com or call the shop at 713-552-1545 to place an order.