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IT Radiance Illuminator

IT Cosmetics never fails to amaze us. Seriously! Hello Light! Illuminating creamy compact, $24, can be used to highlight cheek bones, the center of the nose, brow bone, cupid’s bow, or anywhere that you want to fake it until you make it for that healthy hydrated skin. When I say “fake it until you make it” its because this product actually helps improve your skin while you wear it! Infused with hydrolized silk and collagen proteins, plus hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The texture is very similar to one of our favorite products from girlactick, Glamorous skin glow, $23, except the color is slightly lighter, and is therefor much better suited for lighter complected girls. Girls who have medium to dark pigmented skin may still want to stick with the glamorous skin glow for a more realistic color.

bye bye redness

Bye Bye Redness, $32, immediately won our respect when we tried a bit from a tester we had on a client who had accidentally worn a Retinol product in the sun and got HORRIBLY burned (that’s a big no-no, by the way). Her face was scarlet, and she had a big event to go to…so we gave it a go! A little bit goes a very long way–it too has hydrolized collagen as well as peptides to treat and strengthen the skin. But the one thing that really makes it a star is the cream’s ability to cancel out redness from rosacea, broken capillaries, sunburn, or other irritation. We saw it for ourselves, and it works. It can be worn alone or under a foundation of choice, depending on your coloring, and the amount of coverage desired.

IT lip stain pencilLast but certainly not least, we were wowed by the Waterproof lipliner STAINS, $20! Available in two shades (this picture doesn’t do it justice): Light/Medium (similar to our facade color Vanity, but a smidge darker), and Medium/Rich (just slightly darker than our facade color Fever). Just like all of their other products, it’s packed with anti-aging powerhouses like vitamins A, E, and C, as well as collagen, hyaluronic acids and peptides. ALL THIS, while actually STAINING your lip the color you lined it. No longer will you have to carry around your liner, lipstick AND gloss to reapply. Fill in your lip, if desired, so you never have a VLL (Visible Lip Line). then top with your favorite lipstick or gloss! (P.S. It looks like a normal pencil, but is an automatic pencil that winds out–so you don’t have to sharpen it! But the end does pop out with a mini sharpener so you can shape the creamy end back into a more tapered point!)