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Our skin is constantly changing, and thankfully so is the realm of possibilities to treat it!

One of our favorite things about Natura Bisse is the incredible dedication to science they have and pour into the making of their products.

They have been laboring over their latest pride and joy, Diamond Life Infusion, $590, for the last couple of years. The new patent-pending active ingredient was discovered when scientists were actually researching potential cures to cancer, when they noticed the incredible benefits to the skin.

natura bisse diamond life infusion

You know how sometimes you see a woman whose age is completely elusive to you? She looks so young and vivacious, but you know she looks younger than she is…and then there are women who are the reverse. Who through stress, illness, or overexposure to the sun looks a decade or more older than she is…these characteristics that age your skin are not related to “chronological age” (the actual number of years you have been alive), but on your “aging biomarkers” (the relative “age” of your skin based on other factors). When Natura Bisse ran their tests, women saw a reduction in 3.9 years in their aging biomarkers after using it once a day for 7 consecutive days. That is incredible! Imagine how remarkable the results may be after a month or even longer! This means that there are visible and almost immediate changes in the skin of those who use it. Don’t believe us? Come in to Facade and ask us for a few samples. See for yourself! For even more information read this great blog entry!

This product is designed to be used as a SERUM once daily AT NIGHT. A little bit goes a long way, so this product should last a couple of months.  It is designed to be used AFTER your toner and BEFORE your moisturizer, and can be combined with any other system from Natura Bisse (diamond, the cure, C+C, Top 10, Essential Shock, etc).

In other news, They have begun to re-package their ever-popular Oxygen line! Don’t stress, they haven’t touched the formula. Just updated the packaging to the new, fresh oxygen-infused blue!

natura bisse new oxygen packagingPLUS for a limited time only, when you buy the Oxygen Complex, $145, from us, you will also receive a full-size Oxygen Mousse cleanser ($48 value) FREE! If you haven’t tried it, the Oxygen Mousse was added to the collection this past Fall. It’s light, pillowy texture is great at removing makeup and excess sebum while infusing the skin with essential oxygen to restore radiance.

Also launched recently, was the new Diamond White Brilliant Cream, $215. This cream is a part of the continually expanding Diamond White collection which targets and lightens hyper-pigmentation. This treatment cream can be used during the day (for those who don’t like a sunscreen) or used during the night only (for those already enjoying the Diamond White SPF50 during the day). By infusing their proprietary lightening ingredients in every step of your skin care regime you will see results faster. These products are designed to work in tandem to give you smooth, evenly-pigmented skin.

natura bisse diamond white brilliant cream

Last, but not least, they have also added to their C+C body collection! As in the other products in this line, C+C stands for Vitamin C + Collagen. Both of which are found in this product. The vitamin C is an antioxidant that repairs skin damage and even can help PREVENT damage caused by the sun. This refreshing C+C Vitamin Splash, $55, lightens your spirit with a fresh scent like it was bottled right from an orange grove. The mist it provides instantly quenches skin. Great to refresh at the pool or beach, or even to bring a smile to your face when you WISH you were at the pool or beach and you’re at the office instead!natura bisse c+c splash

If you find yourself near the Galleria in Houston, TX, be sure to swing by Uptown Park and stop in our store, aptly called Facade!
1101-03 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

If you are located in one of the continental United States and cannot locate Natura Bisse products near you, we will happily take phone orders and ship to you! Please call 713-552-1545 to place an order.