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It’s about time someone cleared this up. Everywhere you look, it seems that someone is telling you what you should and “shouldn’t” wear to bring out your eyes’ natural color. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there IS a sort of “science” behind this art. It’s called “color theory”. It was pounded into my head over and over again when I was in school for fashion design, but unfortunately it’s not something every makeup artist or hair stylist really ever masters (they should! It’s SOOOO very helpful!)

Bear with me here…we have a short lesson that will help you do this all on your own. And if anyone tries to tell you differently…look it up! These theories are true and really work!

You simply need to re-learn the color wheel! We all know our primary colors right? (Red, blue, and yellow) When you mix any 2 primary colors together you get secondary colors (orange, purple/violet, and green). When you mix any primary color with any secondary color you get a tertiary color (red-orange, yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green). When you make a chart of their colors with their relationships you get this nifty little wheel:

color wheelI hope I still have your attention, because this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART!:

Complementary colors : are colors opposite one another on the color wheel. But here’s what you need to remember. When these colors are placed next to one another, that is when they look their brightest! (To remember it, think this…they COMPLIMENT one another best) I will use this theory to show you how to apply it to your eye color in a moment.

Now you know how everyone tells you “if you have blue eyes you can’t wear blue eyeshadow” etc? I HATE that! It’s just not true. First of all–in my opinion, most girls can wear just about any color eyeshadow they FEEL like. It just may not bring out their eye color the most! But even so, you can make blue eyes look bluer wearing blue eyeshadow! Just like you can make green eyes look greener with green (you get the idea). The trick is to wear a blue that is LESS BOLD than your own blue…So yours looks brighter in comparison! I will use this theory below as well. If the color you choose is brighter than yours—that’s ok. It’s not wrong–it won’t look bad. It just won’t make your eyes flash their boldest brightest…

NOW for the best part, I have provided the complimentary colors to the most common eye colors, plus recommendations for facade eyeshadows that fit into this suggestion! To view larger pictures of any of these eyeshadows or to purchase, you can find them at our webstore here!

best eyeshadows for colored eyes