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We are excited to be introducing MARVIS toothpaste to our offerings at Facade!

slimsonicWe started carrying Slimsonic travel toothbrushes just before Christmas last year and they FLEW off the shelves–and for good reason! These cute, slim designed toothbrushes are great for traveling or stashing in your purse to give you a deep clean on the go. The vented cap is a nice touch as it protects your bristles from contamination but still lets air escape to prevent gross mildew-y odors from developing. Battery included–extra brush head included- what’s not to love?marvis toothpaste 2Enter Marvis toothpaste! These two are going to make a HOT couple! Marvis has 6 formulas of toothpaste available in a convenient travel size, so it can easily be stashed with your slimsonic! Plus, if you get hooked on one of the incredible flavors, they are available in full sizes as well.

We will still continue to carry Darphin’s popular Denblan toothpaste. But if you want a different experience, consider branching out and trying one of Marvis’ quirky new flavors!!!

Available in:
marvis toothpaste

  • Classic Strong Mint
  • Whitening Mint
  • Aquatic Mint
  • Jasmine Mint
  • Ginger Mint
  • Amarelli Licorice
  • Cinnamon Mint

Of course you have your standard, classic options, but we are SMITTEN with these new flavor combinations! Our favorite? Jasmine Mint! The Jasmine flavor is very delicate, and softens the mint flavor so that it isn’t overwhelming. We always hated having something to drink (even water) after brushing our teeth because of the strong mint flavor left in our mouths so long after… Instead this left us feeling fresh, but without a long-lingering flavor that competes with water, or your morning fix (energy drink, coffee, tea). Sounds like a win-win!

Curious? Check out this cute YouTube Review!: