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Oh. My. God.  We are FREAKING OUT over here. We cannot contain our excitement as we are changing and evolving here at Facade. It is absolutely essential that we keep showing you the latest, hottest, most fashion-forward products in our store. Therefor, we are constantly evaluating NEW products and cosmetic lines, and RE-evaluating those that we already carry.

We decided very recently to ditch our longtime beau T. Le Clerc. One of the best-selling products from T. Le Clerc were their brow pencils. NEVER FEAR. We would never leave you high and dry!

Our brow gal, Kate, fell in love with new brand BROW GAL by Tonya Crooks!
Her brow pencils see T. Le Clerc’s and raise them two additional colors, and a nifty sharpener cap!

The pencils are the same size, offer the same colors (plus two additional colors as mentioned to fill in the gaps) come with a spoolie attached on one end (T Le clerc changed their spoolie to some kind of wonky brush that we didn’t like as much). This one also comes with a nifty sharpener cap! That way your sharpener is always on hand so you can get the same precise results you did the very first time. These retail for $23 (compare to T. Le Clerc’s $27). We are ALL about spending less and getting more!

brow gal brow pencils

Not only that, but the BROW GAL also has her own clear brow gel ($20). It holds wild brow hairs in place without looking shiny or wet, and lasts all day.

brow gal brow gel

AND for perfecting your brow shape, she has slant-tip tweezers ($28), scissors ($20), and Tweezer Sharpeners ($4)

brow gal tweezers and sharpeners brow gal brow scissor

Let us also remind you, we are still carrying some of our OTHER faves for taming your brows… Tweezers (B) and scissors (C) from Rubis ($45 each) and our Facade brand spoolie with gold handle (A).

brow shaping tools

Plus we have brow pencils from Paul & Joe (they call them “eyebrow liners” but WE call them “skinny brows”) available in a colors perfect for redheads, brunettes, and dark blondes ($24).

paul & joe skinny browJust this year, we also got Kevyn Aucoin’s precision brow pencil, available in “Ash Blonde” and “Brunette” ($24). (The “Ash Blonde” is an exact match to T. Le Clerc’s “blonde” pencil but in the super easy-to-use “skinny brow” pencil.) We love these because they are always sharp and ready to go–draw in dashes in the direction of hair growth to resemble additional hairs to add fullness without severity. What’s even NICER about THESE is that they have a spoolie on the end of them (unlike the version by Paul & Joe).

kevyn aucoin precision brow