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You have class across campus in about 30 minutes, and you can barely pull yourself from your bed after last night’s cram-session (or party…or both?). You don’t have much time, you are willing to put in minimal effort—but you want to look fresh and pulled-together in class. You never know who you’re going to meet and when, so having that edge can give you extra confidence during a sorority rush event, or even introducing yourself to that cute guy in Economics…


So here’s the deal…you want to look fresh, polished, but EFFORTLESS too…you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. And frankly–do you even have time to try “too hard?”

Use your study skills and you may just stand out for all the right reasons!:

  • Multi-task
  • Keep it simple.
  • Organize it.

Prioritizing your beauty routine:

You’re not accepting a golden globe…you’re just going to an 7:30 AM Calc lecture… so we aren’t putting on every stitch of makeup you own. What is REALLY important to you? Do you feel naked without mascara? lipstick/gloss? You know how people will ask if there was “one makeup product you couldn’t live without, what would it be?” Mine is concealer…so make sure the 1 or 2 must-haves are the first things you put on!

I would say that lipstick, mascara, concealer, and eyeliner are probably the top answers to that question….so here are some of my faves (and why they are great for going to class)


1.) Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer by IT cosmetics. A little goes a LONG way and can cover blemishes or under-eye circles in a snap. Has a really realistic-looking finish so you don’t look cake-y. Having a bad skin day? Mix a smidge extra into your usual tinted moisturizer or foundation for added coverage.

diego dalla palma semi permananete

2. Diego Dalla Palma Semi-Permanente Mascara. Volumizes lashes like nobody’s business. Waterproof because it has to last all day, and even possibly through your afternoon nap between classes.

Bardot Dorado Bombshell

3.) Facade waterproof eyeliners. Uber creamy so they glide right on without tugging your skin. Available in 10 shades (3 of the most popular are shown above). Dries waterproof so it will last all day without smudging.


4. (A)  Jouer SPF 15 Lip Sheers. These lip colors glide on as smooth as silk leaving behind just a kiss of sheer color, and protecting your lips from the sun. Every single color looks effortless and suits many skin tones. And if you use one of these in lieu of lipgloss you won’t have to constantly un-stick your hair from your lips every time there’s a slight breeze between classes!

pj-200-series-lipsticks pj-100-series-lipsticks


4 (b) Lipsticks by Paul & Joe. Every single one of these contains a lip treatment to keep your lips soft. ALSO won’t stick to your hair like gloss. The lipstick is sold seperately from the case so you can choose a cute pattern or design you like. Then you can buy another lipstick to refill it when you’re ready!

Multi-Tasking products will swoop in and cut your time in half!:

Just as in other areas of your life, multi-tasking with your makeup will make you WAY more efficient. Choose products that you can use for more than one use and you will stream-line your collection–letting you get out the door way faster!

BB creams

1. Use a tinted moisturizer or “BB Cream”. More than just providing a little simple color, these products cover uneven pigment in the skin while TREATING it to improve. So instead of applying moisturizer and then foundation separately you get both steps in one foul swoop! We like the Sensual Skin Balm from Kevyn Aucoin, and the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint for great moisture with moderate coverage. Plus the convenient squeeze tubes make it easily portable in your bag. For less coverage and a more dewy look plus MAJOR skincare benefits AND a sunscreen, we’re obsessed with Natura Bisse Cure Sheer Cream. (The one from Jouer also has a sunscreen built in, and comes in a luminous formula as well!)

jouer highlighter champagne and petal tint

2. Scout out products that you could use for color in more than one place! We like the tints AND the highlighters from Jouer for this exact purpose! You can pick 1 or 2 of your faves and smear on lids, lips, and cheeks with a finger for a quick pick-me-up anywhere! What makes them EVEN cooler is that they can slide and lock together or clip back-to-back, so you can keep them organized/together but also customize the colors you want! We LOVE their tints in petal, whisper, peony, and honeysuckle for a fresh pop of color that you could use on lips and cheeks, and ADORE the highlighter in champagne to smear along cheekbones for a luminous POP and to spread across lids for a gorgeous nude shimmer!


3. If you like, try a curling mascara so you don’t have to curl THEN apply mascara. We love Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara. It isn’t waterproof, but it DOES have pretty great staying power. So if you prefer NOT to do a waterproof mascara and/or want the added benefit of a curl while applying your product. This is the mascara for you!

Keep it Simple:

Keep in mind that you do not need to wear every stick of makeup you own to class. You want to look fresh and effortless–NOT overdone. If your goal is to get out the door fast, this is NOT the time to blend 5 eyeshadows together! Heck, you can even SKIP eyeshadow all together! (We won’t tell anyone–pinky swear!) Remember to PRIORITIZE what you feel is most important, but to still keep the steps themselves simple!

 kevyn aucoin rose quartz

 1. Try a roller loose shimmer eyeshadow from Kevyn Aucoin so you can simply roll a great color straight onto your lids, and use your finger to blend it out in the blink of an eye! We LOVE the colors Rose Quartz (pictured), Topaz, and Citrine for pretty shimmery nude tones. (The Deeper Lapis, Jade, and Amethyst jewel tones will be great going into fall, though!)

jouer eye crayons

2.) Try a CRAYON eyeshadow from Jouer! WHAT!? These things are FAB. They glide on with a gorgeous creamy consistency, but have the power to really last! Scribble to your heart’s content and blend with your finger or a brush. We LOVE Rococo (soft nude) and Baroque (metallic taupe) for a sexy day look. Stash Abstract in your bag if you want to INSTANTLY up the ante for a night out after study hall! 😉

powder papers

3.)Instead of keeping track of a powder compact and mirror, stash powder papers in your bag! Just press the pink side of the paper to your face and watch as it absorbs oil and leaves behind the sheerest veil of translucent powder!

Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler

4.) Don’t have time for mascara? Just CURLING your lashes makes a humongous difference, and only takes a couple of seconds! We can’t get over what a great job The Eyelash Curler from Kevyn Aucoin does. The wide mouth gets even the teeniest of lashes near the corners of eyes–so you get an instant lift!

 Organize it!:

All the best products in the world won’t do you any good, if you can’t find them quickly!  Try containing everything in a TRUFFLE Petite Clarity Pouch! We can’t get enough of these things (Senior staff artist, Kate, has about FOUR of these in her purse as we speak). These things are great because they are easy to wipe clean, and since they are clear you can see exactly what’s in it…no more searching for what you need! (Kate has hers color coded…pink has makeup….blue has pens/notepad/coupons, nude has pain reliever, tampons, first aid items, gum, etc…)

back to school makeup essentials truffle

All of the above items can be found in our store located in Houston’s Uptown Park. Please feel free to stop in our store and take a peek around, or call to order any of the products listed above! We are always happy to help!