Spring Clean Your Makeup!


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Time to spring clean that makeup drawer! We know it’s hard letting go, but products that are old/expired can harbor bacteria leading to dull lifeless skin, or worse–breakouts! They won’t perform like they used to, and the color can change. Plus stream lining your collection to what you REALLY use will save you time in the morning. Here are a few good rules of thumb:

how long to keep makeupIf your product changes in color, smell, or consistency it is best to be safe and pitch it! If you honestly can’t remember the last time you used it, or you forgot you even HAD it, you’re living without it anyway—let go! (You’ll be making room for some NEW things, anyway!!!)



Teens & Tweens! Holiday Gift Guide 2013


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Teens/Tweens are tough to shop for. You never know what you’re going to think is fabulous that SHE is going to think is LAME. Well, these gifts will NEVER disappoint even the most discerning teen:

Clarisonic Mia Deep Pore Cleansing Kit, $169.

clarisonic deep pore cleansing
These kits come with the unique deep pore cleansing brush to work out black heads, plus deluxe samples of their unique deep pore cleanser and mask. Watch this short video to find out what’s so great about it! It doesn’t matter how much makeup she has—she will never be confident without beautiful skin!

This fun Eye color and lip balm set from Paul & Joe ($30—reduced from $60!) is just precious! These colors would suit anyone—a sheer pink balm and eye shadows ranging from a pale cream to a smokey soot, she can wear this every day and glam it up just enough for night. When she’s done, she can save the cute tins as keep-sake boxes.

paul & joe holiday 2012 gift set

Paul & Joe Butterfly Books ($30–reduced from $38)

These cute gifts pair an eye gloss with a powder eyeshadow and loose sparkle in varying shades. Sparkle can be pressed over the eye gloss on the lid for extra fun or used to adorn nails for a fun snow-y mani!

Paul & Joe fairytale eyes books

Another great set from Paul & Joe, this Unicorn Gift Set ($32.50–reduced from $65) comes with an adorable clutch, a gorgeous pink cream blush, and a poreless powder for the prettiest glowing skin.

Paul & Joe Holiday 2012 pink


Paul & Joe 001 Ornamental Gift Set ($25–was $50) is a fabulous gift for a girl of any coloring…a warm pink lip gloss in a convenient squeeze tube, plus a sheer silver sparkle waterproof eye glaze will get her instantly ready for ANY party! To top it off, she’ll get an adorable green zipper pouch.

paul & joe ornamental set paul & joe ornamental set 2

Jouer “puttin on the glitz” ($25) is a MAJOR steal! This cute little speckled leather pouch comes loaded with three lipgloss minis in shades that will flatter anyone. She can keep them all to herself, or share with her besties! The pouch is the perfect size for stashing extra gum, hair ties, and bobby pins in her backpack.

jouer puttin on the glitz pouch

Jouer “Party Perfect” Leopard bag ($48) This larger bag is roomier and can fit a larger makeup collection.  Comes already loaded with a nude lipstick, brown liquid liner and black mascara. She’ll look totally chic but still age-appropriate.

jouer holiday bag

Jouer “Paint it red” leather pouch ($75) a large, luxe red leather bag perfect for all of her beauty essentials—only if she’s been a really good girl!

jouer paint the town red bag

Our teens always dive head over heels for girlactik’s loose sparkle eyeliner! Pick a color of sparkles (our favorites are multi-jewels, antique gold, or champagne—but girls also like picking their school color!) plus an angle brush to apply it with and a pearl cream and to make it all stick and she’s ready to go!

girlactik sparkle eyeliner

Last, but not least—teens will love these adorable bkr water bottles. $38 for hearts, $30 for plain. She can carry it with her in school so she’s always hydrated in class, at gym, or for her extracurricular activities. Plus she’ll be way cuter than her plastic-water-bottle-toting comrades.

bkr storm heart

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the MEN’S gift guide next!…

The MEN’S Holiday Shopping Guide 2013


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The men in your life can be difficult to shop for—practically anything they want–they buy for themselves or it costs an arm and a leg! Here are some things they never knew they always needed.

the MAN gift guide 2013

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the teens & tweens gift guide next!…

a.) Bkr in “kvetch” ($30). Men also might like the colors: “kitsch”, “smith”, “trench”, “bitten”, or “true”. Dishwasher safe, BPA-free….will fit in the cupholder of his car. Can easily be held in one hand through the loop in the top of the lid with room to hold his keys and his cell phone too.

b.) Petite Clarity Truffle Pouch in nude/gray ($32). Men also might like the colors “french gray”, “felted gray”, “oxblood red”, “cream” and “truffle red”. These pouches are wonderful for their gym bag, brief-case or suitcase. My husband travels frequently and I gave him one of these to replace the dingy quart-size bag he used for his liquids over and over again. It easily wipes clean if something spills inside, and it IS TSA-approved.

c.) Black Clarisonic Aria PRO ($199). This awesome device is the smart-phone of skin-care! Sonic cleansing will clean his skin 10x better than manual washing alone. It’s slim, sleek design will appeal to his senses, and he’ll love the charger that has a USB connection or outlet connection so it can charge from a computer or a wall outlet! It comes with a brush head (recommended to replace every 3 months), a trial sized cleanser, 3-speeds and the PRO that we sell here has a 3 YEAR warranty (the regular only has a 2 year warranty). Wondering if he’ll actually use it? Most guys are pretty into gadgets—using this might be the ONLY way you’ll ever get him to clean his face at all!  Note– if he has BACNE you may want to splurge and get him the Face/Body Pro for $225…It comes with a brush meant for the body, an extra speed, AND a nifty handle the clarisonic can pop into that will reach areas on his back

d.) Natura Bisse AHA Cleansing Gel ($49). The basic white design of the bottle is nice for men and women alike. A carefully selected blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids will help exfoliate his skin so other products–like after shave and moisturizers can penetrate better, and he can get a closer shave. Great for men with oilier skin. For men with drier skin he might like the AHA Cleansing Cream or Tolerance Cleanser from Natura Bisse.

e.) Natura Bisse Stabilizing Toner ($40). Fabulous to use after shaving to calm the skin and restore it’s pH. Can be spritzed directly onto the face. Once again the packaging is simple and male-friendly. Wonderful for oilier skins. For men with drier skin, the tolerance toner would be a fabulous alternative.

f.) Marvis cinnamon-mint travel-size toothpaste ($6). It’s practically scientific fact that men like the taste of cinnamon! Marvis toothpaste is awesome—it leaves teeth feeling dental clean for hours on end and is available in this and other quirky flavors like licorice, strong mint, ginger mint, and jasmine mint (surprisingly–jasmine mint is my hubs favorite…he keeps a travel size permanently stashed in his truffle bag for travel). Also available in a full size for $12.

g.) Slim Sonic toothbrush in silver ($16). He may also like this in blue or black. These toothbrushes are wonderful for at home OR travel. The vented cap protects bristles while still allowing moisture to escape so it doesn’t start to get mildew-y inside. Comes with a battery and an extra brush head.

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the teens/tweens gift guide next!…


The Sporty-girl! Holiday Gift Guide 2013


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The Sporty Girl can sometimes be difficult to shop for…she doesn’t go for the usual girly stand-bys of candles and jewelry. Wow her with these cute functional items that are easy to take with her on the go and help keep her feeling fresh even when she’s working up a major sweat!

The Sporty Girl Gift Guide 2013a.) Natura Bisse C+C Splash ($55). A fabulous mood-boosting mist to help invigorate, deodorize, and refresh. Rich in vitamin C and collagen amino acids–this baby is powerful for replenishing moisture in the skin while leaving a light scent behind.

b.) Natura Bisse C+C Body Cream ($99). In a great air-less pump so you get every last little bit of cream from the container. The same fresh scent from the splash–as if you were in an orange grove! Highly emollient cream helps boost firmness and moisture.

c.) Petite Clarity Truffle ($32). (Pictured in “felted gray”) This pouch can keep all her essentials (sunscreen, hair ties, lip balm, keys, etc) close at hand and easily visible in her gym bag. Also available in other colors! These are also TSA-approved and are FABULOUS for travel.

d.) Bkr water bottle ($30). (Pictured in “bitten” but available in other colors). An athlete MUST stay hydrated. This color will be a fave of Aggie fans. We like filling it an inch or so full of water and freezing overnight–then top it off with fresh water in the morning for cold water all day long. Totally dish-washer safe and BPA-free. Unique loop on cap makes it easy to hold while running/jogging or also holding your car keys or cell phone.

e.) Diego Dalla Palma Semipermanente Mascara ($36). This waterproof mascara is tops. It’s what she needs if she’s going to make it out of the gym without smears or raccoon-eyes. This not only stays on–it helps lashes appear longer and fuller. A must-have for any woman with eyes that easily water and athletes alike.

f.) Jouer Lip Sheer in “Antigua” ($22). This product is available in a variety of sheer colors. We love this one in particular because it gives a hint of shimmery pinky-nude but it’s not enough to look over-the-top in her workout gear. This fabulous formula has a hydrating lip treatment AND an SPF built right in. Wonderful to protect her pout during outdoor workouts or a day at the beach.

g.) Clarisonic PEDI ($199). Athletes are HARD on their feet. Help her re-store them with this fabulous set. Comes with the Clarisonic machine specially designed for the feet (it has a stronger motor than the one for face/body), two brush heads–one has a stainless steel buffer to work down stubborn calluses, and the other has a stiff bristled brush. Also has a full-size foot scrub, a leave-on salicylic acid peel that further helps smooth rough areas, and a super rich hydrating foot cream.

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the MEN’S gift guide next!…

The Jet-Setter! Holiday Gift Guide 2013


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The Jet-setter is always on the go. She loves to travel and needs beauty products that can simplify her routine while on the go and are easy to pack. All of the products recommended below meet the size limitations set by the TSA. The jet-setter might even be you this holiday season as you travel to see loved ones!

Please note the items in the images below are not to scale with one another.

The Jet Setter gift guide with snowflakesA.) Slim Sonic Toothbrush (shown in dot pattern)- these toothbrushes are a big hit as a gift. Less bulky than a regular re-chargeable and with a convenient vented lid! The vent prevents the gross mildew-y smell from developing while still protecting the brush head. available in a variety of colors and patterns. Comes with battery and brush head replacement ($16).

B.) Marvis travel toothpaste (shown in strong mint)- these toothpastes are not only travel-sized but they come in quirky flavors like ginger-mint, jasmine-mint, cinnamon-mint, and licorice! They seriously keep your teeth feeling dental clean, and we’re all obessesed ($6)!

C.) Jouer eye crayon in rococo– Just before you land, use this creamy water-proof eye crayon to highlight around your tearducts so you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed upon arrival! This versatile color can also be used to highlight your brow bone, cupid’s bow, the center of your lower lip (beautiful under gloss!) or smeared over your entire eyelid ($24)!

D.) Truffle Petite Clarity (shown in Lilac/Navy)- We’re seriously obsessed with these pouches if you haven’t noticed. available in a variety of colors, they are TSA- approved to carry on your liquids and are far more durable than your zip-loc baggie. They are easy to wipe clean in case of spills, and we love attaching clips from our key chains to the metal grommet to keep track of them ($32).

E.) Kevyn Aucoin roller ball eyeshadow in topaz- you won’t need to pack any tools to use this eyeshadow–no brush required! Just roll this baby right onto your eyelids and smudge a bit with your finger if desired. voila! Easy to pack, easy to use–we like that! ($29).

F.) Evian travel-sized mineral mist- dry, stale, recycled airplane air leaves us feeling parched. Re-hydrate and wake yourself up by periodically misting your face and/or body with a little evian mist! Also fabulous for cooling off by the pool or on the beach ($8).

G.) Natura Bisse Oxygen Mask- Smear this on in-flight (why not??? Everyone else looks ridiculous with their eye masks and neck pillows!) to keep your skin from becoming lack-luster in-flight. The oxygen helps purify and revitalize the skin to take it from dull to luminous. Everyone will wonder how you look so refreshed after taking the red-eye. (If you’re too chicken, use it in the hotel when you land) ($40).

H.) Facade Waterproof Eyeliner (shown in bombshell)- our eyeliners are super creamy so they glide on easily with out tugging or skipping across the skin but they dry WATERPROOF which also means they are NAP-proof on long flights! They’re also slim and easy to pack. You have about 60 seconds after application to smudge them out and create a lovely smokey effect ($22).

I.) Lipsmart- this hydrating lip treatment nourishes lips and plumps them without irritants that sting! Keep your lips moist in even the most severe weather conditions so lipstick glides on smoothly–or use alone instead of gloss ($30)!

J.) Jouer mini luminous moisture tints (come in a 4 pack) – What an awesome idea! minis of jouer’s fabulous luminous moisture tint formula make traveling easy–it provides a sheer (but slightly buildable) coverage, moisture, and an SPF 20 all in one! Plus they are so cute in their teeny tiny squeeze tubes! Also great for stashing in your purse or gym bag ($20).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the sporty girl gift guide next!…


The Minimalist! Gift Guide 2013


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The minimalist loves all things stream-lined. She loves neutrals with a few pops of color. She likes products with multiple uses that save time and don’t take up much space. She likes modern, sophisticated packaging with no frills. She cuts out excess where she can but still appreciates the finer things in life. She likes to look clean…classic…timeless…

Please note that the items in the image below are not to scale with one another.

The Minimilast Gift Guide

A.) Diego Dalla Palma Compact Powder- has sleek modern packaging, a smooth-micro fine texture that glazes over imperfections like enlarged pores and fine lines, and can be used alone or with her favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer ($55).

B.) Best of Kevyn Aucoin Gift Set- This boxed gift has all of the minimalist’s makeup essentials (except maybe powder & lipstick) housed in one box. Black eyeliner, lash curler, volumizing mascara, brunette brow pencil, and a single caramel-colored eyeshadow will pull her look together in a snap ($93).

C.) Clarisonic Face & Body PRO- This clarisonic does it ALL. It comes with an attachable body brush handle so she can reach difficult to reach areas. The docking station keeps her bathroom clear of extra cords. It comes with a face brush AND a stiffer/bigger body brush appropriate for back, legs, feet, elbows, knees or wherever she wants exfoliation and a deeper clean! Sonic cleansing removes makeup, oil, and debris 10x better than manual washing alone. The PRO sold here has 4 speeds and a 3-year warranty (the regular, sold for the same price elsewhere only has 3 speeds and a 2 year warranty and DOESN’T include the body brush handle) ($225).

D.) Natura Bisse Cure Sheer Cream- A multi-tasking dream! Anti-aging moisturizer PLUS sunscreen PLUS a hint of color all in one! Fabulous for a kiss of color to smooth uneven skin tones and conceal redness while protecting and hydrating in one step. This large container will last her at least three months if not more since a little bit of product goes quite a long way ($180).

E.) Rubis tweezers- When you wear minimal makeup, your brows really count! Help her keep hers clean and precise with the most precise tweezers known to man! Rubis tweezers are sharp enough to get even the teensiest hint of a hair ($40).

F.) Bkr in “trench”- There are other colors that may strike her fancy but this classic nude will go with anything–from her bag to her car interior and most of her wardrobe. A clean silhoutte just like she wants that houses her beverage in a glass container–keeps her water clean with no BPA and won’t affect the taste. Easily dishwasher safe ($30).

G.)Jessica Brilliance Top Coat- She may like color on her nails occasionally, but she likely keeps her nails short & tidy with a little bit of shine. This gives a beautiful shine over any color or her natural nail and dries quickly. All Jessica products are also formaldehyde and cruelty-free ($10).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the jet-setter gift guide next!…

The Ultra-Femme! Holiday Gift Guide 2013


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The Ultra-femme loves all things girly…she likes things that make her feel pampered, luxurious, and feminine. She likes shimmer, she likes things that smell good, that look flirty and fun, and stimulate her senses.

Note the items below are not to scale of one another…

The Ultra Femme Gift Guide


A Bkr in “fluff” (shown), “boy”, “kitten”, “crush”, “bambi”, or “coco” will hold their beverages in luxe style! These fun-colored bottles look stylish, are easy to carry, and won’t leech BPA into beverages or change the taste. They are also dish-washer safe ($30).

B.) Paul & Joe Special Edition 001 G Face Powder- This powder is so pretty in the compact, she’ll almost hate to use it! All of the colors swirled together create a soft color suitable for most fair-medium complexions and can brighten sallow winter skin ($40).

C.) Kat Burki Candle- These candles are boxed so beautifullfy that she will get giddy just looking at the package! But the luxe soy-based candle inside is so delicately fragranced, in a beautiful glass container with a 60-hour burn time that she will fall in love all over again as soon as she lights it! ($48).

D.) Jessica Nail Polish in “Rolling Rose”- These cute teeny polishes come in such lovely colors! They have many others available but this beautiful creamy pink would look great on any woman. Plus, all Jessica nail polishes are formaldehyde and cruelty free!($5).

E.) Darphin Nourishing Satin Body Oil- FORGET body lotion. For the ultimate self-indulgence in body moisture, satin body oil is a MUST. Great for re-hydrating even the driest of knees and elbows–fabulous to give her gams a pretty gleam with her party dresses this season, and with a light, feminine scent, this oil is divine! All Darphin skincare products are naturally fragranced with essential oils and are paraben-free ($45).

F.) Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lipstick in “Hanabeth”- this line of lipsticks is to DIE FOR. She’ll swoon when she feels how it glides on like butter. All of the shades are lovely but this shade will flatter anyone. It actually has a balm-like quality to hydrate lips while leaving it with a beautiful nude shimmer. The magnetic case is so lovely as well…it looks like your lipstick is sitting on a little pedestal! It also has a nice delicate smell (& taste!) and is also paraben-free ($35).

G.) Truffle Petite Clarity in “Blush”- these petite clarity bags are wonderful for organizing her bag–she can manage receipts, contain her fave cosmetics, corral bobby pins, hair ties and other-what-have yous. They are also TSA-approved so she can fly through security when traveling, and look beautiful in even the most exquisite of designer bags ($32).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the minimalist gift guide next!…

The Techie! Holiday Gift Guide 2013


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The “Techie” is a technological savvy girl with the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet. She may be a gamer, or just likes to be well-connected and have the latest gadgets. She likes clean lines, bright colors, and things with a modern edge! Wow her with these gifts:The Techie Gift GuideA.) Bkr in “kitsch” (shown), “kvetch”, “smith”, “crush” or another bright color, will hold their beverages in sleek style! These fun-colored bottles look stylish, are easy to carry, and won’t leech BPA into beverages or change the taste. They are also dish-washer safe ($30).

B.) IT cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in “Je Ne Sais Quoi”– her inner nerd will FREAK OUT when she finds out that this lipstick CHANGES COLORS based on the pH of her skin! It turns a slightly different shade of pink on whomever it is applied. Not only that, but it also STAINS the lip that color for long-lasting wear, AND moisturizes the lip ($20).

C.) Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss in “D Light” (shown), “Light Hearted” or “Kiss Me”- this satisfies her need for all things bright and shiny! The container actually has a black button on the lid that contains a small LED light that shines directly on her lip as she applies. It also has a nifty mirror on the side of the gloss so she can always see what she’s doing! Not to mention the gloss gives sheer color, smells like peppermint, and plumps the lip! ($22.50).

D.) Clarisonic Aria Pro in white (shown) or black- this awesome device is the smart-phone of skin-care! Sonic cleansing will clean her skin 10x better than manual washing alone. It’s slim, shiny design will appeal her senses, and she’ll love the charger that has a USB connection or outlet connection so she can charge from her computer or a wall outlet! It comes with a brush head (recommended to replace every 3 months), a trial sized cleanser, 3-speeds and the PRO that we sell here has a 3 YEAR warranty (the regular only has a 2 year warranty) ($199).

E.) Diego Dalla Palma Twiggy Eyeliner– for the most precise, technical line, she will LOVE the ease of use she will get from Diego–it’s like a felt-tipped pen that is water-resistant and smudge proof, but is not difficult to remove when she’s done ($30).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the ultra-femme gift guide next!…


Facade 2013 Gift Guide Posts! Coming Soon!

We know Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet, and some people get a little grumpy when you start talking about Christmas too early…but considering the two holidays are only spaced about 4 weeks apart, if you don’t start thinking about it ahead of time, you’re right in the thick of holiday CRAZINESS when attempting to get any shopping done! To make your shopping easy, we will be making posts every few days with gift suggestions for everyone in your life! Gifts for (almost) any budget, and any personality!

We Will have suggestions for THE TECHIE, THE ULTRA-FEMME, THE MINIMALIST, THE JET-SETTER, THE SPORTY GIRL, THE HEALTH NUT, TEENS/TWEENS, and last but not least THE GUYS. We also promise a post dedicated specifically to STOCKING STUFFERS. All featuring goodies from FACADE. 

Stay Tuned!

28 Days to Better Skin


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We have all heard it before, but the proof is in the pudding….DRINK MORE WATER is something we have heard from countless doctors, health & nutrition magazines, etc. But here is proof that you can see. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.

WS_FEMAIL_WATER_2.jpgThis woman was photographed before and after 28 days of drinking 3 liters (101.2 oz) of water daily. She changed NOTHING about the rest of her skincare or beauty routine. Notice the clarity in her skin! Not to mention more even skin tone, substantial reduction in under eye puffs/bags, and increased smoothness around mouth and eyes! (Buh-bye crow’s feet!) To read her post about her journey to hydration, click here.

Segue to our latest addition in the store…the BKR bottle! I am much more likely to drink water if I have it with me…the BKR is easy to transport, at 16 oz, you only need approx 6 refills to meet the 3 liter goal. I like that it isn’t a whole liter—it’s just too big and heavy to carry that around all day. These are easy to refill from the filter in the door of your fridge, a brita water filter, or a water fountain. I love that the glass does not affect the taste of your beverage, and that it can be cleaned in the dish washer.

What’s more–you are not exposing yourself to potentially carcinogenic BPA that is found in disposable plastic water bottles and even some refillable water bottles.

Available in a variety of fun colors, and priced at $30, they make a fabulous gift!



And if THAT isn’t enough…here’s a little peer pressure for you: C’mon!…all the celebs are doing it!!!…. bkr with celebs