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Give yourself a few gifts and get this holiday season off to a good start! Be thankful for products from some of our favorite brands that make packing for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years’ trips a breeze!

Stash your V Beaute IT KIT, $165, even in your carry-on bag! The hard case is TSA-approved, and contains your 5 essential skin products (Get it? V is the Roman Numberal for 5…)! You’ll have with you at LEAST a week’s supply of cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. You can buy each product individually to re-fill. AND get this: You can even still pack a quart-sized clear plastic bag to stash your other liquids/creams other 3 oz and have it go through security safely too. (I was skeptical at first, but tried it to/from a trip to Seattle over labor day weekend and later to/from Baltimore airport. Nobody gave me any problems either way)

Also pack your Clarisonic Mia, $119, to supercharge your cleansing routine! It’s small and portable, and the oscillating bristles help really scrub away makeup, oil, and pollutants trapped on the skin. Everyone will wonder how your skin is still glowing despite change in climate and travel!



Keep your hair out of your face to wash your face or put on your makeup at home or away with a Tassi, $20. Last year, we gave these as Christmas gifts to all our friends and they LOVED them! Available in several colors and patterns (you might even find one to coordinate with your Clarisonic!) This stretchy headband not only keeps your hair back without clips or bands that will leave dents in your hairstyle. Simply put it on like a regular soft headband and tuck your strands in in the back. When your done, remove the headband and gently fluff your hair back into place!





Denblan toothpaste, $25,  is a MUST at home or away. This toothpaste comes in an old-fashioned metal tube that you puncture with the back end of the cap. It uses gentle enzymes to scrub away surface stains on your teeth to whiten without stripping nail enamel. The flavor is vanilla-mint so it’s not an over-whelming flavor, while still leaving your breath fresh.

Get the most out of your Denblan toothpaste with a NEW SlimSonic toothbrush, $15! According to the manufacturer, it provides 22,000 brush strokes per minute. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns INCLUDING a vented cover so you can keep it clean without trapping in moisture causing odor to develop. Great for your gym bag, purse, or for travel!

Our Facade Vanity Organizer, $75, has convenient pockets and sleeves to stash all your makeup essentials. It was specially designed to hold our own compacts, brushes, and foundation, but works well with other major beauty brands. Our customers love to keep their fave products organized in it at home on a daily basis–but whenever they need to get up and go it’s easy to zip and put in their luggage! The interior zip pocket is removable with snaps, so if it gets too full for your organizer to close, you can just take it out, zip the organizer, and pack the interior pocket seperately!.

Any of these products will make your (or anyone elses!) beauty routine home or away a little bit prettier, a little bit easier, and maybe just a little more organized!

All of the above products are sold in our Facade Store in Houston, TX. Call 713-552-1545 or email kate@facadebeauty.com with any questions about products or to order.

Also, he Facade Vanity Organizer can be ordered through our webstore.