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Why should I use a clarisonic?

THEY SAY: It cleanses skin 6x better than hands alone, removing makeup and oil that can be left behind otherwise. By removing this, pores are clearer and can absorb other treatments more readily. For example, those who use a clarisonic enjoy 61% greater absorption of topical vitamin C vs. those who manually cleanse.

WE SAY: We ❤ makeup, but we know how important it is to take care of our skin and remove it thoroughly. We are sure when we use our clarisonics it is ALL OFF and it provides a light exfoliation that helps keep us feeling smooth. You really can FEEL the difference in the smoothness of your skin right away. (psst, one of our makeup artists’ husbands borrows hers!…)

What’s the difference between that and the one by Olay?
Oscillation vs. rotation. Olay’s cheap knock-off ROTATES which is more aggressive and can tug on delicate skin. Clarisonic’s oscillating technology makes rapid micro-movements back and forth so that it doesn’t tug or tear the skin, and mimics the movement an esthetician makes when extracting blemishes/blackheads from pores.

Can’t I just run to Nordstrom and pick one up?
Yes and no. You CAN get Clarisonic from Nordstrom or other fine retailers, HOWEVER we are able to sell more advanced models than they are FOR THE SAME PRICE. Because we have two licensed estheticians on staff that can answer your questions and ensure you get the best Clarisonic cleansing system for you! YOU CAN’T EVEN BUY THEM ON WWW.CLARISONIC.COM!

The difference between a “regular” and a PRO model Aria is this: The PRO has an additional DEEP PORE CLEANSING brush head, an ADDITIONAL year on the warranty (3 year vs 2) and a FREE year subscription to a popular health/beauty magazine.

aria pro

The difference between a “regular” and a PRO Clarisonic PLUS is this: The PRO has an additional (faster) SPEED SETTING, a great handle brush that the Clarisonic can fit into to get difficult-to reach areas likes back and buttocks when using your BODY brush. an ADDITIONAL YEAR on the warranty (3 year vs 2 year) and the FREE year subscription for a popular health/beauty magazine.

clarisonic plus pro

So who WOULDN’T want to get the PRO models over the regular? Especially when it’s THE SAME PRICE!!! 🙂

What’s the difference between these and the Mia?
The Mia does NOT have a special PRO model. The difference between the two is very simple…the Mia has 1 speed, and the Mia 2 has two speeds. The Mia 2 also has a 2 year warranty (as opposed to a 1 year) and comes with a free travel case. Mias are great for travel as they are smaller and lighter than the PLUS and ARIA and are usually available in a wider range of colors. 

clarisonic mia violet

So, be honest, which is the better model? Honestly, we would always go with the PLUS PRO every time. Over time, you may like to adjust your Clarisonic to a higher speed. Instead of having to buy a new product altogether, get the extra speeds the first time! Additionally, the Pro is the ONLY Clarisonic machine that can be used with the BODY brush for exfoliating the backs of the arms, legs, butt—pretty much anywhere! Great for eliminating shaving bumps from the legs or bikini line, or chicken bumps (keratosis pilaris) from the backs of the arms.

That being said…the Aria is great for college students as it has a unique USB compatible charging cable (like an iPhone) and does have multiple speeds. The smaller size makes it easier to travel.

For those on a tighter budget, the Mia or Mia 2 are nothing to sneeze at. Easily portable, a wide range of colors, and easy to travel with–you just may “outgrow” it after a few years and want to graduate to the Aria or Pro!…