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The “Techie” is a technological savvy girl with the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet. She may be a gamer, or just likes to be well-connected and have the latest gadgets. She likes clean lines, bright colors, and things with a modern edge! Wow her with these gifts:The Techie Gift GuideA.) Bkr in “kitsch” (shown), “kvetch”, “smith”, “crush” or another bright color, will hold their beverages in sleek style! These fun-colored bottles look stylish, are easy to carry, and won’t leech BPA into beverages or change the taste. They are also dish-washer safe ($30).

B.) IT cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in “Je Ne Sais Quoi”– her inner nerd will FREAK OUT when she finds out that this lipstick CHANGES COLORS based on the pH of her skin! It turns a slightly different shade of pink on whomever it is applied. Not only that, but it also STAINS the lip that color for long-lasting wear, AND moisturizes the lip ($20).

C.) Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss in “D Light” (shown), “Light Hearted” or “Kiss Me”- this satisfies her need for all things bright and shiny! The container actually has a black button on the lid that contains a small LED light that shines directly on her lip as she applies. It also has a nifty mirror on the side of the gloss so she can always see what she’s doing! Not to mention the gloss gives sheer color, smells like peppermint, and plumps the lip! ($22.50).

D.) Clarisonic Aria Pro in white (shown) or black- this awesome device is the smart-phone of skin-care! Sonic cleansing will clean her skin 10x better than manual washing alone. It’s slim, shiny design will appeal her senses, and she’ll love the charger that has a USB connection or outlet connection so she can charge from her computer or a wall outlet! It comes with a brush head (recommended to replace every 3 months), a trial sized cleanser, 3-speeds and the PRO that we sell here has a 3 YEAR warranty (the regular only has a 2 year warranty) ($199).

E.) Diego Dalla Palma Twiggy Eyeliner– for the most precise, technical line, she will LOVE the ease of use she will get from Diego–it’s like a felt-tipped pen that is water-resistant and smudge proof, but is not difficult to remove when she’s done ($30).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the ultra-femme gift guide next!…