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The Jet-setter is always on the go. She loves to travel and needs beauty products that can simplify her routine while on the go and are easy to pack. All of the products recommended below meet the size limitations set by the TSA. The jet-setter might even be you this holiday season as you travel to see loved ones!

Please note the items in the images below are not to scale with one another.

The Jet Setter gift guide with snowflakesA.) Slim Sonic Toothbrush (shown in dot pattern)- these toothbrushes are a big hit as a gift. Less bulky than a regular re-chargeable and with a convenient vented lid! The vent prevents the gross mildew-y smell from developing while still protecting the brush head. available in a variety of colors and patterns. Comes with battery and brush head replacement ($16).

B.) Marvis travel toothpaste (shown in strong mint)- these toothpastes are not only travel-sized but they come in quirky flavors like ginger-mint, jasmine-mint, cinnamon-mint, and licorice! They seriously keep your teeth feeling dental clean, and we’re all obessesed ($6)!

C.) Jouer eye crayon in rococo– Just before you land, use this creamy water-proof eye crayon to highlight around your tearducts so you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed upon arrival! This versatile color can also be used to highlight your brow bone, cupid’s bow, the center of your lower lip (beautiful under gloss!) or smeared over your entire eyelid ($24)!

D.) Truffle Petite Clarity (shown in Lilac/Navy)- We’re seriously obsessed with these pouches if you haven’t noticed. available in a variety of colors, they are TSA- approved to carry on your liquids and are far more durable than your zip-loc baggie. They are easy to wipe clean in case of spills, and we love attaching clips from our key chains to the metal grommet to keep track of them ($32).

E.) Kevyn Aucoin roller ball eyeshadow in topaz- you won’t need to pack any tools to use this eyeshadow–no brush required! Just roll this baby right onto your eyelids and smudge a bit with your finger if desired. voila! Easy to pack, easy to use–we like that! ($29).

F.) Evian travel-sized mineral mist- dry, stale, recycled airplane air leaves us feeling parched. Re-hydrate and wake yourself up by periodically misting your face and/or body with a little evian mist! Also fabulous for cooling off by the pool or on the beach ($8).

G.) Natura Bisse Oxygen Mask- Smear this on in-flight (why not??? Everyone else looks ridiculous with their eye masks and neck pillows!) to keep your skin from becoming lack-luster in-flight. The oxygen helps purify and revitalize the skin to take it from dull to luminous. Everyone will wonder how you look so refreshed after taking the red-eye. (If you’re too chicken, use it in the hotel when you land) ($40).

H.) Facade Waterproof Eyeliner (shown in bombshell)- our eyeliners are super creamy so they glide on easily with out tugging or skipping across the skin but they dry WATERPROOF which also means they are NAP-proof on long flights! They’re also slim and easy to pack. You have about 60 seconds after application to smudge them out and create a lovely smokey effect ($22).

I.) Lipsmart- this hydrating lip treatment nourishes lips and plumps them without irritants that sting! Keep your lips moist in even the most severe weather conditions so lipstick glides on smoothly–or use alone instead of gloss ($30)!

J.) Jouer mini luminous moisture tints (come in a 4 pack) – What an awesome idea! minis of jouer’s fabulous luminous moisture tint formula make traveling easy–it provides a sheer (but slightly buildable) coverage, moisture, and an SPF 20 all in one! Plus they are so cute in their teeny tiny squeeze tubes! Also great for stashing in your purse or gym bag ($20).

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the sporty girl gift guide next!…