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The men in your life can be difficult to shop for—practically anything they want–they buy for themselves or it costs an arm and a leg! Here are some things they never knew they always needed.

the MAN gift guide 2013

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the teens & tweens gift guide next!…

a.) Bkr in “kvetch” ($30). Men also might like the colors: “kitsch”, “smith”, “trench”, “bitten”, or “true”. Dishwasher safe, BPA-free….will fit in the cupholder of his car. Can easily be held in one hand through the loop in the top of the lid with room to hold his keys and his cell phone too.

b.) Petite Clarity Truffle Pouch in nude/gray ($32). Men also might like the colors “french gray”, “felted gray”, “oxblood red”, “cream” and “truffle red”. These pouches are wonderful for their gym bag, brief-case or suitcase. My husband travels frequently and I gave him one of these to replace the dingy quart-size bag he used for his liquids over and over again. It easily wipes clean if something spills inside, and it IS TSA-approved.

c.) Black Clarisonic Aria PRO ($199). This awesome device is the smart-phone of skin-care! Sonic cleansing will clean his skin 10x better than manual washing alone. It’s slim, sleek design will appeal to his senses, and he’ll love the charger that has a USB connection or outlet connection so it can charge from a computer or a wall outlet! It comes with a brush head (recommended to replace every 3 months), a trial sized cleanser, 3-speeds and the PRO that we sell here has a 3 YEAR warranty (the regular only has a 2 year warranty). Wondering if he’ll actually use it? Most guys are pretty into gadgets—using this might be the ONLY way you’ll ever get him to clean his face at all!  Note– if he has BACNE you may want to splurge and get him the Face/Body Pro for $225…It comes with a brush meant for the body, an extra speed, AND a nifty handle the clarisonic can pop into that will reach areas on his back

d.) Natura Bisse AHA Cleansing Gel ($49). The basic white design of the bottle is nice for men and women alike. A carefully selected blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids will help exfoliate his skin so other products–like after shave and moisturizers can penetrate better, and he can get a closer shave. Great for men with oilier skin. For men with drier skin he might like the AHA Cleansing Cream or Tolerance Cleanser from Natura Bisse.

e.) Natura Bisse Stabilizing Toner ($40). Fabulous to use after shaving to calm the skin and restore it’s pH. Can be spritzed directly onto the face. Once again the packaging is simple and male-friendly. Wonderful for oilier skins. For men with drier skin, the tolerance toner would be a fabulous alternative.

f.) Marvis cinnamon-mint travel-size toothpaste ($6). It’s practically scientific fact that men like the taste of cinnamon! Marvis toothpaste is awesome—it leaves teeth feeling dental clean for hours on end and is available in this and other quirky flavors like licorice, strong mint, ginger mint, and jasmine mint (surprisingly–jasmine mint is my hubs favorite…he keeps a travel size permanently stashed in his truffle bag for travel). Also available in a full size for $12.

g.) Slim Sonic toothbrush in silver ($16). He may also like this in blue or black. These toothbrushes are wonderful for at home OR travel. The vented cap protects bristles while still allowing moisture to escape so it doesn’t start to get mildew-y inside. Comes with a battery and an extra brush head.

If you let us know you are purchasing a gift–we would be happy to gift wrap the item for you or put it in a gift bag with ribbon, complimentary!

Stay tuned for the teens/tweens gift guide next!…