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Since Season 1, Episode 1 of USA’s TV series SUITS, we haven’t been able to stop ogling at Rachel Zane played by Meghan Markle. Okay, obviously she’s naturally a beauty–but her makeup is always done in a way that shows off her feminine yet exotic feaures. We’ve deconstructed her makeup look in this photo to help you get that pulled-together-but-somehow-effortless, sexy, professional look!

Of course, first you will prep your skin accordingly with primer (if desired) foundation, concealer, and powder suited to your skin type and coloring.

To get Rachel’s warm rosy glow, use Facade #43 Pom Pom brush to swirl together Facade’s HERMOSA and PARFAIT blush. Start applying at the apple of the cheek and gently sweep back toward the hairline. (Envision the shape of a NIKE swoop). If desired, pick up a little more HERMOSA with the brush and sweep just a little directly above that for a healthy bit of bronzed color.

With Rachel, it’s all about the EYES!

  • Start with a fluffy brush like Facade’s #25 Mini Flick and use it to sweep a nude matte tone similar to your own skin like CALECHE (or SANDOLLAR for those with fairer skin) over the entire eyelid (from lash line to just beneath the eyebrow).
  • Then use a brush with a SABLE fur bristle like Facade #21 Perfect Blender and get it DAMP. (You can lick it , you can spray it with mineral water like Evian, or get it wet under the faucet (squeeze the bristles to make sure the excess is out–you want it damp not dripping).Use this brush to pick up a warm, shimmering, nude tone like BOUDOIR eyeshadow and glaze the entire lower half of the lid (from lashline to crease). Make sure to bring it all the way in toward the tear duct for that really pretty GLEAM in your eyes!
  • Now pick up your #25 Mini Flick brush again. Hold it sideways to sweep FOXGLOVE eyeshadow (a rich, red-based brown) in the crease. Use the brush to gently flick up and out at the corners just a bit.
  • Using Facade #31 Tate contour, choose a darker smokey tone like BELLADONNA eyeshadow. Apply this to the outer corner or “pie” area of the eye–basically draw a little < shape (the bottom line matches up with your lashline and the top line overlaps your natural eye crease–the corner meets up just above the outer corner of your eye.) Now blur this V in so that it delicately overlaps the other colors you’ve applied giving a pretty smoky diffusion.For subtlety, do this technique with a dry brush. For a little added contrast and drama, apply BELLADONNA with a damp brush instead!

If you have any trouble with the first 3 steps of this shadow technique, check out this youtube video for extra help!

Her eyes just wouldn’t have the same POP without eyeliner!

Our waterproof eyeliners are PERFECT for lining the membrane of the eye for a major WOW effect. They won’t disappear throughout the course of the day and they won’t smear all over your face either (legal assistants like just don’t have time for touch-ups!).

Use BARDOT to line the upper membrane, and LORELEI to line the bottom membrane. Lorelei is a very soft gold that helps cancel the redness of the lashbed without lending too much contrast. This is part of what gives that “glow” to the bottom/inner corners of her eyes! (if you prefer a little more contrast, you could also use BARDOT on the bottom lashbed–Rachel sometimes wears it this way, although it is not pictured here)

If you’re having trouble with this step, see the following youtube video…

Now, use MINX eyeliner to line the outer corners of the eyes. Carry the liner up into that corner we made using the darkest eyeshadow and use the smudge tip on the other side to blur slightly. This will deepen the contrast you achieved earlier.

Watch this video from about 1:12 on to see how I would recommend doing the eyeliner. (The technique in the beginning of the video is NOT used for this look)

Of course, you will want to finish your eyes with plenty of volumizing mascara. You could use black or brown. Revitalash Raven mascara in ESPRESSO would be pretty here. It’s a very rich dark brown that would look really pretty with that sort of chestnut hair and dark brown eyes. Use on bottom lashes too, if desired.

Last, but certainly not least, are her lips! Line first with facade VANITY lipliner. This perfect nude matches most natural lip tones so you can get crisp precision (and even over-draw just a touch) without any harsh-looking lines.

Apply STARLET lipstick, a gorgeous nude with just the teensiest hint of pink and a pretty pearl finish, and finish with ELEKTRA lipgloss–a gorgeous sheer nude. Her soft nude lips are part of what pulls this look together. Despite the smokey eye keeps it looking effortless and appropriate for work–even in a law office.