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Do you have $20 and about 20 minutes? Then come get your eyebrows threaded or tweezed by Senior Staff Artist Kate Block here at Facade! (Call 713-552-1545 to schedule an appointment.)

But maybe you’re more of a DIY girl? Kate offers her expert advice so you can get the best results at home!

Invest in quality tools.

A. Facade Spoolie, $10. Used to brush the brow hairs in place.

B. Rubis Swiss-Made Angled Tweezers, $40. It is an investment–but these truly are the finest tweezers out there. Expertly get the finest or the shortest hairs with ease!

C. Rubis Scissor, $40. Used to trim excessively long unruly hairs. These are small, sharp, and precise.

Go almost Au Naturale

Full brows have made a comeback in a HUGE way. Altering the shape of your brow too much can look artificial and severe. Plus there’s so much upkeep! Typically what looks best is a more refined version of your own natural brow.

Your eyebrows are SISTERS not twins.

Everyone’s face is slightly asymmetrical–which includes your eyebrows. The goal is to make them look as similar as possible. But don’t be too much of a perfectionist! Sometimes hairs grow in one brow that just DON’T on the other. If you can’t fix it with a tweezer, you can fix it with a brow pencil later!

Step AWAY from the magnifying mirror!

Back it up! Things can look WAY worse up close in a magnifying mirror, so by the time you look back up, you might have taken off WAY. TOO. MUCH.! Instead, try doing all of your shaping first in a regular mirror, and then use a magnifying mirror to get the short stumpy stragglers or the very fine hairs you missed.

To trim or not to trim?

Not everyone needs to trim their brow hairs. Some naturally just seem to grow about the perfect length–others have a slight curl to them or just grow very long. If you choose to trim your brow hairs BE CAREFUL. Use your spoolie to brush them up, and only trim the ones that are EXCESSIVELY long first. I don’t like cutting them flush with the body of the brow, because often when you do this it leaves a sparse patch once it’s brushed back into place. Instead, trim slightly,and constantly brush hairs back into place to see if you need to take off a little bit more. I also like to leave the hairs that grow straight up at the beginning of the brow a little longer so that when they are brushed they can curve a little instead of looking so stiff and pointy after being trimmed short.

Make an appointment with yourself.

Your hair grows in different stages. Obviously you can only remove the hairs that are currently on the surface. But three days from now, more might crop up–DON’T “touch up”. If you get those hairs right away it encourages them to continue growing on a different cycle–if you wait, you’ll get them when you get the other hairs the next time. After awhile, they’ll start to all grow in at the same time–just before you’re ready to tweeze! Do them once now, and in two weeks (February 13th) you’ll be ready to do them again so you’re PERFECT for Valentine’s!

Use the line test as a guide.

A. Using a makeup brush or pencil, hold it next to the side of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye. Where it intersects with your brow is where the beginning should be. Excess hairs, in general, should be removed. A few beyond this point is okay–if ever in doubt leave them alone! (Note: EVERYONE has hairs that stick straight up in the beginning of the brow–don’t try to get rid of all of them–eyebrows that are spaced too far apart make your eyes look too close together!)

B. Now hold the brush or pencil next to the side of your nostril and across the Iris of your eye (when looking straight ahead). The point where it intersects with your brow is generally where the highest point of your arch should be. Remember that generally the prettiest shape is a more refined version of your own. Remove hairs here gradually. Again, if in doubt leave it alone!

C. Keep the pencil at the side of your nostril but so that it also sits at the outer corner of your eye. The point where it intersects the brow should be the end of your brow. Remove additional hairs to keep your face looking open and provide lift. If your brows naturally shorter than this, that’s OKAY! If it bothers you, you can always extend them slightly with a brow pencil later.

Now for some inspiring brows!

Brooke Shields is known for her gorgeous full brows. Her brows are very linear and don’t have a dramatic arch.

Reese Witherspoon‘s brows are much smaller and very angular. They have a pointed arch. They compliment her delicate features and pointed jaw perfectly.

Kate Winslet has curvaceous brows. She has a definite arch that opens up her eyes. Their slightly darker color creates a beautiful contrast with her golden hair.

Lucy Liu has somewhat thin brows, but they don’t have an over-exxagerated curve and end where they should. Many asians have sparse brow hair, but filling in slightly with a brow pencil can give the illusion of more density.

Beyonce Knowles‘ brows are also very curvy. They provide beautiful lift which attracts your eyes to her own.

Penelope Cruz has a strong brow that works perfectly with her angular jaw and prominent cheekbones.

These brows all are so different but suit their owners perfectly–likely because they are similar those they have naturally–but are just tweaked to near-perfection!

Happy Tweezing!